Longwood Gardens – Kennett Square, PA

Longwood Gardens are one of the very few botanical gardens which have a special mention for its beauty. There are many gardens across the globe. Not all of them are famous in the world. There are only a few which are known to the people for their beauty and the flora which they house. This place has a large footfall of tourists. It is a place that the tourists have on their visit list.

Dimensions Of The Longwood Gardens

This American botanical garden is a massive garden spread across an area of 1,077 acres. This botanical garden consists of different gardens, meadows, and woodlands in it. Longwood Gardens are located in the Kennett square of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. This comes under the Brandywine creek valley.

It is a premier horticulture garden in the USA. This garden sees a number of visitors all year long as it is open to them throughout the year. The year 2017 has 1.5 million footfall of tourists visiting the garden. There are many programs which keep happening there, like different events and performances, educational lectures, and courses.

Longwood Gardens - Kennett Square, PA
Longwood Gardens – Kennett Square, PA

History Of Longwood Gardens

This botanical garden was once owned by William Penn.  In the year 1700, he sold it to a farmer George Pierce. He, along with his family, started planting an arboretum. By the next decade, this place has some of the finest trees across America. So, the area came to know as Pierce park.

In the year 1906, the trees on the land were sold for timber, Pierre Samuel du Pont, chairman of the general motors, purchased the land. Then, he started to develop the area with landscaping and planting trees and flowers throughout it. He also welcomed visitors to come and have a look at the beauty of it.

After his death Pierre Samuel du Pont, he left the garden for public purposes. People would use it for exhibition, recreational purposes, and enjoyment.

Today Longwood Gardens are run by the Longwood Gardens Inc. This is an NGO. It does not receive any funds from the government and is solely run of the amount earned by the sale of merchandise of the garden from the visitors.

Area Of The Longwood Gardens

It is spread across an area of 1,077 acres. It consists of 20 outdoor and 20 indoor gardens, many fountains, including the main fountain garden. It also consists of meadows and woodlands.

This garden also runs mainly educational programs that train people in the field of horticulture. Many art and educational events are held here all throughout the year.

The botanical garden has different species of flora and is famous for its horticulture. There are more than 10,000 taxa across the garden.

Longwood Gardens - Kennett Square, PA
Longwood Gardens – Kennett Square, PA

Peirce – Du Pont House

This magnificent garden also has the house of Peirce- du Pont. It dates back to 1730. It is the oldest building in this botanical garden. People visit the home as it is a major tourist attraction. The house has undergone many renovations throughout the years for its maintenance.

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