Yu Yuan Garden: Oasis In Shanghai’s Old City

The Yu Yuan Garden, aka Yu Garden, is one of the most classical gardens found in the world. It has been successful in grabbing a position in the list of the must-see destinations in the district of Huangpu in Shanghai.

The garden was built during the reign of the Ming Dynasty. A government official called Pan Yunduan owned this garden. In the Chinese language, Yu means satisfying and pleasing. As is suggested by its name, the garden was constructed explicitly for Pan’s parents to serve as a venue where they could enjoy a happy and tranquil tine in their old age.

Yu Yuan Garden: Oasis In  Shanghai’s Old City
Yu Yuan Garden: Oasis In Shanghai’s Old City

Essential Facts About Yu Yuan Garden

The location of the garden is No. 137, Anren Street, in Huangpu District. The place lies close to the Old City God Temple. It is a 400 years old temple spread over an area of 20, 000 square meters. Major highlights of this garden include Yu Yuan Bazaar and exquisite classical carvings, rockeries, and garden art.

Autumn and spring are the best seasons to visit the garden. However, be prepared to spend at least an hour or two in going through the mesmerizing beauties of this place.

Things To See At The Yu Yuan Garden

It is not a vast space but contains all the crucial elements that make the perfect classical Chinese lawn. The halls, pavilions, cloisters, rockeries, and ponds all feature exclusive characteristics. The garden has some great highlights you cannot afford to miss out on. The highlights are as follows:

Great Rockery

The moment you enter the garden, you will come across the Great Rockery. It is about 50 feet high, which happens to 14 meters and is probably the oldest and the largest rockery found in the southern part of River Yangtze. Once you are on top of this rockery, you will be amazed to have a bird’s eye view of the whole place.

Cuixiu Hall

Right at the foot of the rockery, you will find the Cuixiu Hall. It is a beautiful and quiet spot, surrounded by beautiful flowers and old trees. As a visitor, if you are in the lookout of souvenirs and curios, you can find them here.

Yu Yuan Garden: Oasis In  Shanghai’s Old City
Yu Yuan Garden: Oasis In Shanghai’s Old City

Sansui Hall

This place was initially for entertaining guests and visitors. Later on, it turned out to be a place for holding different ceremonies and events for bookmen and gentlemen. This hall is 30 feet high and features a total of five halls. Sansui Hall is probably the most spacious part of the garden. Its name comes from the book called History of the Later Han Dynasty. Sansui means lucky and auspicious.

Jade Rock

There is nothing more exquisite and beautiful in the garden than the Jade Rock. It ranks among the three most popular rockeries found in the southern part of China. Jade Rock has a height of 3.3 meters and features 72 holes. One of the most exciting things about this humongous rock is that if a jass stick is burnt below this rock, its smoke will float out from the holes magically.

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