Wooden Planter Box Gardening Tool

Wooden Planter Box Gardening Tool

We all love having plants at our home. Whether it’s a small plant or medium-size one, To have a plant gives you a feeling of happiness. In truth, a plant can be your stress reliever and will help you in a lot of ways. The most important is giving you fresh air to breathe. There are several different species that you can easily plant indoor. Hence, even if you are living in an apartment, you can grow these plants. Some of the common plants that you can buy are Areca Palm, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, Indian Basil, Ladies Slipper Orchid, and many more. However, there’s one thing you need for all of them — a Wooden Planter box. Therefore, if you are searching for one, you are lucky enough, as our wooden planter gardening tool is just the thing you want. 

Why You Need Wooden Planter?

It is hard to beat the natural beauty of a wooden planter. It can make a condo balcony look beautiful while keeping you in the budget. Getting a wood planter is a long-lasting thing, and you need to choose wisely. In addition, you can paint them to match your exterior walls. Moreover, wooden planter can easily have durability and resistance. Hence, before buying one for your home, we would like to give you some advice.

First, consider buying painted and lined planters as they are quite sturdy and can last for a long time.

Second, keep a number of pesticides, as some insects love making nests in wooden planters. A few of the most common pests are carpenter ants and sowbugs.

Benefits Of Having Wooden Planter?

The wooden planters are available in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. Along with this, there are a variety of woods to choose from, such as redwood, cedar, teak, and cypress.

Also, they can easily blend in with other garden components such as your storage and garden seating.

So, if you want to have a rustic look, you can choose redwood and cedar as the base wood for your planter, as they are quite resistant to rotting.

Besides, wooden planters help to provide an insulating cover to the roots of the plant in summer. They make the roots moist and safe.

Furthermore, if you don’t want something as substantial as clay, wooden planters are a thing for you. They are lightweight, and still gives a lot of protection to blooming plants. 

In addition, with the help of a wooden planter, you can protect exotic plants. You can thus help the soil to sustain all the required nutrients to assist them to grow.


Everything requires care. But, in the case of wooden planters, they need very little attention. We are giving you hereafter the ways you can extend your planter’s life. It’s easy, and worthwhile.

If the paint is getting off, repaint your planter. You should choose the color which is safe for plants and has low toxicity levels.

Drill some holes at the bottom for drainage purposes. You can use a layer of gravel to prevent drainage holes from getting clogged by soil.

Furthermore, add a plastic layer inside the planter to keep the moisture away from the wood.

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