Wonderful Herb Gardening Ideas

Herb Gardening Ideas

Meta Description: Are you wondering how to grow a useful and pretty herb garden at home? Here are some wonderful herb gardening ideas.

There is nothing as wonderful has sprinkling fresh herbs picked from your own garden over your pizza, pasta or any other dish. The fresh aroma and the delicious taste cannot be compared to that which you get from the stores. So, if you have had a lingering thought in your mind about growing your own herb garden someday, now is the time.

Useful Herb Gardening Ideas

A close up of a green plant

Here are some herbs you can consider cultivating in your backyard or in your front garden:


This warm weather annual herb is one of the best to grow at home. It easily grows in pots or even in window boxes. All it needs a well-drained but moist soil and lots of sunshine to thrive. But if you are growing basil, you need to trim it regularly. Regular harvesting makes your basil plant give out fresher leaves. Any flower buds should be pinched off as once the plant starts flowering, the fragrance and flavor of the leaves lessen.


This garden plant can be easily grown at home because you can control its growth. Its leaves are packed with flavor and sprinkling some of its leaves on your pizza, pasta or bruschetta gives you an amazing aroma. You can try growing the Greek oregano or the Syrian variety, as both are easy to grow and have plenty of aroma.


This aromatic shrub has a needle like foliage that gives out its typical aroma and flavor. It tastes great when added to roasted potatoes or chicken. This is an annual herb that is easy to grow in pots. It is best to bring the plant indoors as soon as fall arrives. Most varieties of this plant grow upright, but some come cascading down. The Gorizia variety grows upright and has big leaves. You should never water the plant too much as it quickly dies.


This is one of the best and easiest herbs to grown. It is low maintenance, requires less water and care. You can plant it in a container pot and let the tiny leaves mound over the edges to give a pretty look. It needs plenty of sunlight and little water. Thyme needs dry soil. It is best to grow English thyme or Lemon thyme at home so that you can use it for culinary purposes.


You can easily grow a few sprigs of mint to get a whole bunch in your garden. This plant has an aggressive growth that can be controlled in a pot. You can grow peppermint, mojito mint, chocolate mint, strawberry mint, spearmint and such others. These can be added to your summer drinks, coolers, smoothies and many other dishes. This plant needs a lot of moisture and rich soil.

End Note

A close up of a flower

These are some of my herb gardening ideas for your home. You can try growing them in your backyard in a small section and define it as your herb garden. You can, alternatively, grow some of these in pots on your kitchen window sill if you get sunlight there.

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