Wonderful Design Ideas For An Indoor Garden

Wonderful Design Ideas For An Indoor Garden

It’s a whole lot of fun to take care of a garden. Nothing beats of the feeling of coming home to the sight of your beautiful garden. Seeing your garden gives you a sense of pride. After all, it’s not easy to start a garden at home. It’s even harder to care for them for the long term.

But the moment you start having a strong attachment to your garden, you start getting all sorts of ideas. I remember the first time I tried setting up my first garden. It was terrific of course. But I couldn’t stop thinking about my success. I felt like I didn’t want to let it out of my sight.

When you’re at this point of desperation for your garden, there’s one thing more thing you need to do. No, you shouldn’t get a chair and stay in your yard for the whole weekend. Instead, you should learn to plant an indoor garden.

What Is An Indoor Garden? 

Wonderful Design Ideas For An Indoor Garden

Wonderful Design Ideas For An Indoor Garden

The name pretty much speaks for itself. An indoor garden is a unique technique in growing plants in an enclosed area. It’s usually done to add more architectural value and design to a home or any other space.

The primary purpose of a garden is to plant vegetables along with flowers. When these two types of plants are placed together, there is a greater chance of pollination.

But regarding an indoor garden, the weight is stressed more on the design. So, if you’re planning to create an indoor garden to cure your blues, here are some design ideas perfect for beginners and intermediate gardeners.

Indoor Garden: DIY Ladder Planter 

You’re lucky if you have large spaces in your home. You would have more flexibility in creating a design for your indoor garden.

But whether or not you have a large or small space at home, you will be doing your pad some justice by making use of some good ladder and turning it into a planter for your new indoor garden.

Having an indoor garden does not entail that there needs to be a specific space at home called your indoor garden. You can turn your whole house into a garden. It can be a nature-themed house. Your visitors will surely love it.

Indoor Garden: DIY Mosaic Pots

Wonderful Design Ideas For An Indoor Garden

Wonderful Design Ideas For An Indoor Garden

Your garden used to be all about practicality and passion combined. But now that you decided to create a garden indoors, it’s time to let out your creativity.

So, why don’t you grab some of your unused pots and create a masterpiece? A couple of mosaic artwork perhaps? This will be an excellent addition to your living room or maybe even your bedroom.

Hanging Coconut Planter

The best thing about this garden idea is that it is so simple and yet elegant at the same time. It won’t take too much of your time to turn a coconut into a planter.

You can hang it near the window or even in your home office. Experts did say that one way to stay motivated and productive is to take the spirit of nature indoors.

Succulent Bookend

As a gardener, you most likely have an innate desire for books as well. After all, how else would you stay on top of gardening trends and techniques without having to skin a book or two?

One way to make all your plants fit in your house design-wise is to stick them on each end of your bookcase. We suggest you go for succulents among other kinds of plants. Not only will they give you a welcome vibe whenever you enter your mini-library, but they are also vibrant and easy to care of.

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