Top Gardening Tools Every Gardener Must Have

top gardening tools

Gardening is an art more than a business, unless you are growing flowers or other plants as your main source of income. To get started in gardening you will need at least one of the following:

Of course, it is not a requirement that you own all of the top gardening tools on the market, but having the essentials allows you to enjoy the hobby more and make more money from it if you eventually become a serious gardener. Gardening equipment can range from simple things like spades, forks and even a handsaw to much more complicated things like diggers, tillers, fertilizers and hoes. If you have never been involved with gardening before, or if you live in a colder climate where the weather keeps you housebound most of the year, you will want to invest in some safety equipment. For instance, if you plan to garden in your backyard, you will need a shovel and rake.

A Spade

A spade is an essential tool for any gardener and is one of the top gardening tools you should own. A spade allows you to dig into the ground much deeper than you could if you used a shovel. It digs up dirt at a much faster rate, making it ideal for landscaping, root digging, excavating ditches and prying up rocks. A spade is relatively inexpensive, however, so it may be more affordable to buy a couple for extra in your garden shed instead of buying the full set of spades.

Gardening gloves are also a great item to have. They protect your hands from the harmful effects of dirt, dust and pests without actually being dirty or dusty. Gardening gloves help keep your hands from getting dirt and dust into them while gardening which can lead to illnesses. Gardening gloves come in a wide variety of forms including plastic hand covers and thick waders made of fleece or cotton. Most gardening gloves provide strong protection to your hands, but some can protect your hands from the weather as well.

Weeding Tools

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Weeding tools are important for any gardener. Weeds can destroy your garden and take valuable produce from your garden. A weeding tool is essential to any gardener, whether you choose a weed wacker, spade or gloves. Any gardener needs to have a quality weeding tool to help get the job done effectively.

Another important item to own that every gardener must possess is a water-hogging tool. Water hogs are the best gardening tools for drying out excessively wet plants. Many people do not realize that water saturated soil can rot and create unsightly footpaths around your garden.

Gardening Tools

Water hogging tool allows you to quickly move water out of your garden without the use of a hose. It eliminates this problem as well as keeping every gardener happy!

Gardening Tools are not limited to what is listed here. A little research can help you find the right tools for your gardening needs. Some other items that make gardening much easier include: stake, shovel, string trimmer, hedge trimmer and many more! Gardening is not always easy, but with the right tools it can be a breeze!


The best gardening tools are those that fit your needs. Gardening can become a satisfying hobby if you know what to look for. All of these items should be considered while purchasing the right tools for your garden. Gardening should be relaxing, not a chore! Every gardener wants his or her garden to be the best in the neighborhood, and using the right tools will make that happen. You will appreciate having the best gardening tools every gardener has.

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