Top 7 Gardening Tips And Tricks For Beginners

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Gardening is a favorite hobby of millions of people irrespective of age. From allowing you to have fresh fruits and vegetables and beating stress to burning calories, gardening offers several benefits. Well, many novice gardeners may feel that gardening is a bit intimidating. However, with a few gardening tips and tricks, they can make gardening a lot easier and rewarding. 

Choose The Gardening Site Wisely

One of the most important gardening tips and tricks is to pick an appropriate location for gardening. Pick a site that is easily approachable. Taking into account that the sun plays a crucial role in every garden, you need to choose a site that receives optimal sunlight. Further, your site should also be close to a water source. No matter whether you are planning to start a fruit or vegetable garden, your garden should be planned where it can get 6 hours of sunlight and abundance water.

Gardening Tips And Tricks
Top 7 Gardening Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Choose Plants Carefully

Consider the space and climate of your place and then pick plants that best suit your growing conditions. If you live in an area that stays warm all year round, plant and vegetable varieties such as tomatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin, peppers, beans, and cucumbers are ideal options. Similarly, plants & veggies such as mushrooms, celery, watercress, and basil do well in shade.

Use Containers

People with limited space can decide to grow their veggies and plants in containers. Container gardening is suitable for shrubs, fruits, flowers, herbs, and veggies. Containers will also allow you to grow a variety of crops in one place. You can also use eggshells or plastic bottles to grow small plants. Considering starter plants is also an ideal option for beginners.

Pay Attention To Soil

Discover what kind of soil you have before you plan to grow certain crops in it. Plants thrive well in a loamy soil. If your soil is sandy soil or clay soil, you can add some compost to make it nutrient-dense. Also, make sure the soil you are about to use is well-drained. We also recommend doing a soil test to ensure the soil has the right pH, organic matter, nutrients, and so on.

Opt For Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening offers several benefits. Not just vertical planning saves place but also makes weeding an easy task. By keeping your plants off the floor also lessens the risks of pests and rotting. You can use your walls for starting a vertical garden. Alternatively, you can opt for fences, stairs, or even hanging pots. When it comes to plants that do well in vertical gardening, you can consider spaghetti squash, grapes, peas, ferns, and cucumbers.

Do Collective Gardening

Gardening Tips And Tricks For Beginners
Top 7 Gardening Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Think of starting a shared garden. Sharing a garden will split the work of growing and harvesting. You can plan to share your garden with a friend, family member, or neighbor. Alternatively, you can join a community garden. Look for a community garden in your area and join it to redeem personal and social benefits.

Label Your Plants

There are many creative ways to label your plants. Paint the pots in a particular color and use a contrasting color to label the pots. Using chopsticks is another creative idea. Attach a seed packet or small cardboard on the chopstick depicting the name of the plant and insert the stick next to the respective plant. For a vegetable garden, use colored rocks and write vegetable names with a white marker. You can also draw pictures of fruits or vegetables on the rocks. Further, you can also paint a spoon and add a cute picture of the crop before using the spoon marker.

Follow these gardening tips and tricks and take your gardening to a new level!

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