Top 3 Home Gardening Supplies You Can Grab Without Spending A Single Penny

home gardening supplies

Are you still in that dilemma of whether you should adopt the gardening hobby or not? What is stopping you from growing your home garden? Is it the cost of home gardening supplies, or you’re super lazy for this hobby? If you are lazy, check out the internet and know the advantages of growing your home garden.

On the contrary, if you feel that gardening supplies are pretty expensive, then here is the solution. Are you interested in getting the gardening supplies for cheap or 100% free and grow your produce in your comfort zone? If yes, then let’s see which gardening supplies you can get for free and where you’ll find them. 


A pile of green grass

Mulching is one of the crucial steps while doing home gardening without any equipment. This process ensures that your soil is free from erosion and your weeds are down. If you do mulching appropriately, you can keep your weeds away from eroding the fertile soil. There are innumerable advantages of having mulch under your belt.

How can you easily get mulch for free? Your first step is only using the grass clippings for mowing in the summers. You can ask for the mulch from your neighbors if they also prefer grass clippings in the summers. 

Surprisingly, you can turn your newspapers into weed mulch. Getting the newspapers is pretty easy; you can ask for them from your neighbors. On the other hand, visit your nearby stores and ask them to share their leftover newspapers with you. 


A close up fruits

Compost and mulch belong to the same category, but their characteristics are different. Nowadays, there is a lack of fertile soil, and home gardeners are busy hunting for the solution to maintain their soil fertility. If you want your home garden to be full of different produces, you need to keep your soil fertile throughout the year. 

For getting compost, you can collect the leaves, which are one of the best sources of essential nutrients. Fallen leaves are available everywhere, and many home gardeners throw them away in the garbage beans. If your neighbor also throws the leaves, ask him/her to drop the bag full of leaves at your doorstep.


Well, you cannot grow produces in your garden without seeds. Believe it or not, nowadays, seeds are quite expensive compared to mulch, compost, or other similar home gardening supplies. Surprisingly, you can get a wide range of seeds in bulk without even spending a single penny.

You can join the seed exchange programs, which are always running online. Even if you don’t have seeds, you can promise to save seeds and exchange them later. You can also grab the seeds of the produces you purchase from the grocery stores. For instance, you can collect the seeds of melons, pepper, cucumbers, and even squash.

Final Wrap-Up

We don’t think you should now have any excuses to drop the home gardening hobby. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you can get the home gardening supplies for free. In simpler words, whatever is growing in your garden is 100% fresh and free. Now, keep cutting the gardening costs and grow different types of produces in your home garden!

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