Signs It’s Time to Upgrade into a Rock Garden

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade into a Rock Garden

Maybe it’s time to transform your ordinary garden into a rock garden.  How long you have, you had your garden? A few months? Three years? Maybe ten years? Do you still have the same passion for your garden just like you did the first time you started? Has gardening become a little too dull for you?

If you’re reading this article, we’re pretty sure you’re already in a particular level of burn out for your garden.

It just doesn’t make sense.

A few years back, you were crazy about this garden. You swore you would kill if someone tried to mess with your precious plants. You took all the seminars and training on the best practices of gardening. But now, you sit in front of your lawn wondering where your passion has gone.

Sure, you still love seeing your flowers in the morning, but things aren’t the same. These days, harboring the energy to get out of the house and water your garden has already become a hassle.

There’s a part of you that tells you not to give up. Meanwhile, you also can’t ignore a different voice telling you to look for a new passion.

Do you want to know what we think? We think you shouldn’t rush the decision. Maybe you’re right. It is time to look for a new hobby. Maybe gardening wasn’t your thing after all. Or maybe your garden need a little bit of renovation so it can ooze the same kind of motivation and creativity that your mind and body used to absorb.

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade into a Rock Garden

But how do you know for sure? Here are some signs to help you tell.

1. Your Garden Design Already Seems Dull To You

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade into a Rock Garden

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade into a Rock Garden

We doubt you would even come up with that kind of garden design if there weren’t a time that you loved it so much.

For sure, when you first started your garden, you’ve been inspired by this kind of design. As a result, you adapted it as your own.

If the only reason you’re considering to change passion is that you don’t find your garden attractive anymore, our advice is to incorporate the rock garden design.

The rock garden is a type of garden that was first used by the Japanese as their meditation area. However, as far as design is concerned, it is also considered as an upgrade to the typical gardens.

Rocks might seem like the simplest things you have ever seen, but you have no idea how much beauty you will unleash if you can use them the right way.

2. You Feel Stressed Out Lately

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade into a Rock Garden

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade into a Rock Garden

You have noticed the rise in your stress levels recently. This has not happened in the past because your garden has always been your happy place.

But just recently, gardening has stopped working for you.

If that’s true, then that’s more reason to convert your yard into a rock garden.

Haven’t you heard? A rock garden was created to be a place that can build peace of mind for the Japanese people.

A rock garden isn’t just about stones and flowers. If you have a space big enough, you can also add bodies of water into your garden. You could create a water-rock garden. The flowing streams will make you feel relaxed and calm.

3. You’re Always Looking For Inspiration

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade into a Rock Garden

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade into a Rock Garden

Some people decided to be a gardener because of passion. On the other hand, there are also people who pushed forward with the idea because it was the best way to make money they could think of.

But no matter your reason for starting a garden, you can’t deny that there are days when you feel like no good ideas come through your head.

Maybe last week, you had fantastic ideas on how to make your garden look fancier. Perhaps you have had this fantastic idea on how to make more money using your garden.

But all of a sudden, all that creativity is now gone. No good idea comes through. You feel like you need some kind of grand inspiration to fall from the sky with no other purpose but to save your gardener butt. We all know, however, that inspirations don’t fall from the sky.

Luckily, some inspirations come from the gardens themselves. You need to make your garden worthy of creativity.

An excellent place to start would be turning your ordinary garden into a rock garden — all those shiny rocks, fancy flowers, and flowing streams. It’s the perfect place to hide and think.

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