Kids Gardening Tools – How To Select The Right Ones

kids gardening tools

Are you looking for kids’ gardening tools? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a first-time gardener or an experienced pro, having the right tools is important when it comes to growing healthy plants and flowers. You want to make sure that you have the best to make your job a bit easier, especially if you have children who may be a little confused when it comes to working with different kinds of plants and tools. Here are the things that you should look for when shopping for kids gardening tools.

Watering Can

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It has to be sturdy enough to handle your child’s small hands. One great example of this would be a hand-held watering can. With this, they can easily water their vegetables or shrubs without having to worry that it might break or become too heavy for them to hold onto. These are durable, high-quality gardening tools that can last a long time.


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A kids’ gardening tools set should also include a sturdy pair of gardening gloves. These will come in handy since you’ll most likely be tilling and watering your garden at the same time. Make sure that it is lightweight and easy to wear so that your children won’t be struggling with it as they go about their tasks. There are several brands out there that make these gloves with different designs and colors to choose from.


A hatchet is a very popular tool that you’ll find included in most toolsets. This is very helpful for making holes in the soil. It is a good tool to use even for smaller jobs around the house. It’s very light, so it will only take your child a few minutes to get used to handling it.

Shovel And Hoe

The kid’s gardening tools, you should also include in your toolbox for younger kids are a shovel and a hoe. The shovel is used to dig up potatoes and other vegetables. A hoe is useful for cutting down grass or weeds. These two tools will be especially helpful for younger kids who may have difficulties handling bigger tools.

Pot Hangers

Your older children may need a bag to carry their tools in. It should be water-resistant so that your kids won’t get drenched in the rain while watering their plants. It is also a good idea to include a watering can that has an attached spout for easier watering. For younger kids, there is a handy tool called a pot hanger that will attach to their bags. These are handy because they can hang their tools over the plants without the fear of them falling off.

When buying your kids a garden tool set, make sure that you consider their age. Older kids can use the bigger garden tools, but younger ones will need to use the smaller handheld ones. If you purchase the tools too early, it will be too difficult to get them to learn how to use them. By teaching them in advance, you can let them choose what they want their sets to have.


While the selection of kids gardening tools is endless, you can easily pick out the best ones by thinking about how your children will use them. They should also be given some idea as to what each tool will be used for. If you want them to dig holes and do some trimming, get a sturdy digging tool and a durable shovel. If they want to mow the lawn, get a lawnmower and a string trimmer. And for the vegetable garden, get some edgers and a planting shovel.

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