How To Make Gardening Tools Holder In 5 Simple Steps

Gardening Tools Holder

Gardening is the best and most rewarding of all activities. Not only is it cheap, but also suitable for people of all age group. Gardening allows you to learn a lot about nature. It is also a fine character building activity for kids. But, to sow and reap, you need some tools at your place. Gardening means taking care of every plant in the garden, and to keep performing the task, it is essential that you have the right tools for the job. But, once you have the tools, it’s time to consider the storage.

Make Your Own Gardening Tools Holder


Making your own gardening tools holder is not that difficult and you can make one just to suit your purpose with extreme ease. Here are five simple steps to make one that will be able to store pretty much every common gardening tools.

Step 1: Determine The Length

The first job is to determine how long the holder is going to be. Lay down all your long handled garden tools while keeping at least 2 inches of distance between them. Then measure the length of the tools from the point where the handle meets the tool-head. Also, measure the distance between the middle point of the handles of the tools. Keep these measurements noted.

Step 2: Making The Rack And Marking Holes

Add 12 inches to the sum of the measurements of the handles and then cut a piece of 1X6 of this length. Now, draw a line along the length of the rack piece ¾ inches inside from the edge. For the holes, mark 6 inches from one end of the line for the first tool and then add 6 inches to the measurements you noted and make the consecutive marks for the holes along the line.

Step 3: Drilling The Holes

Use a 2 inches’ hole saw for this purpose. Clamp the board to a table with at least 2 inches overhanging for clean cut. Now center the saw over each mark and create a clean cut hole for the handles to be put inside. To make a clean cut you should drill just till the pilot bit comes out through the other side. Then flip the board and finish the cut after putting the pilot bit into the pilot hole. This will ensure that you get a clean cut without any wastage and the waste piece will not remain stuck in the hole saw.

Step 4: Installing Brackets

Use a 4 feet level to mark a line on the wall at your preferred height. Then use a stud sensor to find the studs that will be closest to the position where you want the end of the racks to be. Finally mark and drill holes for the bracket to be fixed and use 1 ¼ inches screw to attach the brackets to the wall.

Step 5: Installing The Rack

Finally center the rack over the brackets such that it does not fall over. Use 5/8 inch screws to fix the rack to the brackets after marking the positions for the screws and predrilling the holes into the bracket.

Your simple and east gardening tools holder is ready for use. You can now easily hang them and thus ensure cleaner and more manageable storage of the tools. It is essential that you have a proper storage especially if you have kids at your place.

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