How To Fill Garden Pots With Soil -

How To Fill Garden Pots With Soil

How To Fill Garden Pots With Soil

You can plant a garden in many different ways. Some people prefer to plant their flowers directly into the yard. On the other hand, there are also others who prefer a hydroponic environment for their garden. And of course, there are also people who finds pleasure using garden pots for their plants.

The use of garden pots if perfect for beginners since it lets you have full control of your plant’s environment. But it’s not as easy as what everybody else thinks.

One of the most important things you need to learn is the proper way to fill the soil in garden pots. In this post, we’re going to each you how you can do that.

1. Don’t Fill The Pot With Garden Soil Alone

How To Fill Garden Pots With Soil

How To Fill Garden Pots With Soil

All you really need to grow a plant is some soil, seed, and water. So, it’s not much of a surprise that some people believe they can get away with using garden soil.

The problem with this kind of soil, however, is that it is not only dirt, but also heavy. It’s not the type of environment you want a young plant to live in.

We strongly suggest going to a garden shop and choosing an organic soil. This way, the nutrients that your plant will get won’t come from just chemical-based compounds you can buy from the market. You will also be able to supply your plants with bacteria that’s good for their health and growth.

2. Don’t Use The Same Soil Every Year

How To Fill Garden Pots With Soil

How To Fill Garden Pots With Soil

I guess we’re just used to the idea that plant nutrients come mostly from the soil, but many of us don’t notice is that these nutrients can also run out.

With that, it is important to change the soil regularly. We recommend changing the soil at least once a year.

And it’s not only the lack of nutrients that’s the problem here. As soil gets old, lots of bugs and bad bacteria are bound to present in it.

Don’t get us wrong. There are certainly kinds of bugs and bacteria that can contribute to your plants’ growth, but let me just tell you that these aren’t one of them. On the contrary, these are things that you necessarily have to avoid in your garden pots.

3. Don’t Fill The Pot With Soil Up To The Tip 

How To Fill Garden Pots With Soil

How To Fill Garden Pots With Soil

When you start using larger garden pots, you might be surprised with the amount of soil you’re going to need for your garden.

However, this isn’t a reason to start filling up your pot with soil up to the tip. You usually would need soil up to the middle of the pot.

Not that there’s anything wrong with putting too much soil, but it’s actually pretty wasteful. Instead of filling your pot up to the edge, you might as well use it for your other plants.

4. Make Sure There Is Already Some Fertilizer Mixed With Your Soil 

How To Fill Garden Pots With Soil

You want to give your plants a good start as much as you possibly can. One of the best ways you can do that is by already adding fertilizer to their home before you even put them there.

There are lots of ways to ensure the growth of plants, but we can’t deny that for the plants to grow fuller and healthier, they are going to need some fertilizer.

Having a container garden can be a bit exciting whether you are an intermediate or beginner, but the most important thing to remember is to start your garden right. By that, what we mean is that you should correctly fill your pot with the right soil.

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