Hand Gardening Tools for Disabled – Handy to Look at and Useful to Handle

gardening tools for disabled

The majority of the older people who are suffering from arthritis, have a hard time using standard garden tools and devices. It is very difficult for them to turn over pails, spades, hoes and rakes over. They can’t easily bend scissors or knives. This is why it is crucial that you provide the right gardening tools for disabled people which can make their lives a lot easier and more convenient.

An Overview

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One of the most important gardening tools for disabled individuals is a garden cart. Wheelchairs cannot be used to pull a garden cart. This requires a lot of strength from the older person. You should make sure that the wheelchair holder is placed securely on the ground so that it does not move around. A garden cart is a useful tool as it allows the older person to push it around without taking all the effort.

If you want to provide your old aged disabled partners with the best quality and cheapest price, then you should consider buying an adaptable gardening tool set. These are special equipment that are specially designed to provide all the needs of the user. You just need to make sure that you get the suitable ones for your partner. There are many garden tool sets available in the market that are made of different materials like plastic and metal. But the best option is to buy a set that is made of hard wearing steel.

Planter Box

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If you want to provide your physically challenged old aged partners with a cheaper and better quality garden tool set, you should consider buying them a planter box. A planter box will help them to easily transfer the soil to the garden while sitting in it. These boxes are available in different sizes depending upon your requirements. If you are looking for a cheaper price on these gardening tools, then you should also consider getting cheap gardening tools such as a garden kneeler seat, a shovel and other accessories.

Old people love to enjoy doing simple activities like digging, planting and weeding in the garden. But if they do not have proper support while doing these gardening activities, then it may prove to be a little bit challenging for them. That is why, it is very important to provide them with a proper kneeling pad or a crutch. Using a good quality cane for gardening tools will help them to easily carry out the gardening activities without any problem.

Cane Kniffin

If you are looking for a hand gardening tool that is lightweight and of good quality, you should get a cane kniffin. This equipment has a handle so that you can easily lift and move it. Moreover, it is available at the most affordable price anywhere. You can check on Amazon for the cheapest price and the high quality product. In case, if you do not wish to spend much money on this equipment, you should consider getting an old fashioned kneeler for carrying around.

An Gardening Shears

One of the most common gardening tools that are used by old people is hand gardening shears that is often referred to as a pruning shear. But even if these shears are used by them for cutting some branches and small plants, it is also essential to provide them with some form of support while using it. For doing so, you need to get an old fashioned gardening tool bag. The size of the tool bag should be according to the length of the old person. By shopping online, you can quickly find out the latest offers on these bags.

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