Grow Vegetables With IKEA’s Hydroponic System

Grow More Vegetables With IKEA's Hydroponic System

Garden space had always been an issue for people who wish to grow more vegetables, but don’t have the resources to expand their garden space. In this post we will learn about hydroponic  system.

Thankfully, IKEA was able to create the hydroponic machine, a brand new system that will enable gardeners to grow vegetables indoors even without a garden.

This hydroponic system will surely be a lot of help this coming Christmas. Many people are pretty fond of having a white Christmas. As much as gardeners want to be part of the enjoyment, they won’t be as happy if they are not able to practice their love for gardening.

Seeing as wintertime isn’t exactly the best time to plant vegetables, IKEA’s hydroponic system might be the one thing they need this Christmas.

Aside from that, it would be fantastic if they could serve some fresh vegetables this Christmas or the coming New Year.

How Does It Work? 

Grow More Vegetables With IKEA's Hydroponic System

Grow More Vegetables With IKEA’s Hydroponic System

Having a hydroponic system means gardeners won’t need soil to grow their vegetables. Sufficient water and light are the only two things your plant will ever need to grow in its full maturity.

Reports about this new system had only hit the stalls recently. However, many manufacturers have admitted that a lot of the vegetables they sell have been grown using IKEA’s new hydroponic system.

There is an absorbent foam that enables the plant to sprout and immediately proceed to the moisturization of the plant. In most cases, this puts the plant at the risk of being overwatered.

IKEA, however, was able to create a system that avoids this kind of scenario.

After the germination of the seeds, you have to transfer the plant, along with the foam plug, into a pot, which you need to fill with pumice stones. This will enable the plant to retain lots of water.

The process doesn’t stop there. It’s quite a long process, but it’s totally worth it in the end. Once the plant is transferred into the pot, you need to put it in a growing tray, which is equipped with a solar lamp.

This lamp may only get its light from the sun, but it’s powerful enough to provide all the sunlight nourishment your plants need to last the entire year.

How Effective Is The IKEA Hydroponic System?

Grow More Vegetables With IKEA's Hydroponic System

Grow More Vegetables With IKEA’s Hydroponic System

This new system is effective up to the point that vegetables will continue to grow even in the darkest rooms. You can still place them near the window if you want.

Together with the solar lamps and the rays of the sun, growing your vegetables will be much easier.

The growing trays are also equipped with water sensors. This makes sure that your plants get enough water.

Grow More Vegetables With IKEA's Hydroponic System

Grow More Vegetables With IKEA’s Hydroponic System

Considering the technicalities used for this hydroponic system, you’d say that this new machine is more complicated than it seems.

It’s true. Even Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences’ Helena Karlén said that one of the biggest struggles they went involved making the hydroponic system simple enough for the layman to use.

The hydroponic system was a collaboration between IKEA and several scientists from Sweden.

The point of the project was to make vegetable gardening a whole lot easier for gardeners who live in an apartment or doesn’t have enough garden space for more plants.

Most gardeners would still prefer the traditional approach. For people who rely on their vegetables for their source of living, having this at home could be insanely practical.

This new technology has already gained popularity. Yet, the inventors are still learning new ways to develop their product. Who knows what other uses this new system will have in the future?

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