Ground Cover Plants For Gardening

Ground Cover Plants For Gardening

Introduction to Ground Cover Plants

Plants that grow over the ground area are ground cover plants. Such plants cover the topsoil and prevent it from erosion. Grasses are the most common ground cover. Also, other terms used for ground cover are a regenerative layer, ground flora, and herbaceous layer.

This layer is the most ignored subject in ecological analysis. Although it contributes least to the biomass, it helps to protect many ecosystems. Above all, this layer is in full bloom and participates the most in the forest ecosystem.

Ground cover in forests
Ground Cover in Forests


Groundcover is usually disturbed by many factors. Agricultural activities, construction, and gardening affect the ground cover. Thus, it reproduces by adapting to the environment. Firstly, one can find lateral growth in groundcover in open and undisturbed areas.  Secondly, they grow as their roots spread under the ground. Thirdly, branches on the side of the plants start growing on coming in contact with the soil. Also, new plants grow from the base of the trunks of the plant. Hence these are the various process by which ground cover reproduces.

Role of Groundcover in the Ecosystem

Groundcover influences the placement of tree by spreading the seedlings. Further, it prevents all the seeds from getting into the ground. Thus, it controls the growth of trees and plants. Sometimes it prevents seeds from getting into the soil. So, the seeds grow on the ground cover creating a hedge. They can grow up to an average height of 2 meters.

Moreover, for creating a beautiful garden ground covers are used. The following are the various types of ground covers that can be used in gardens.

Types of Ground Cover Plants for Gardening

  • Bigroot Geranium –This is a low maintenance ground cover for gardeners. Pink and pale pink are standard colors of the bloom of this ground cover. It grows well and blooms in warm weather.
  • Spotted Dead Nettle- Dead-nettle has a variety of colors, and its flowers grow in clusters that looks very beautiful. This plant grows in a cool climate, moist soil, and shade.
  • Moss Rose– This plant provides good foliage with pretty small flowers. With many colorful flowers, it grows in tropical and subtropical climates. This plant cannot survive in dry soil.
  • Helianthemum– This plant show orange, pink, yellow, and white flowers.  It needs well-drained soil and proper sunlight. It does not survive in cold climates.
Ground cover plants for garden
Ground cover plants for garden

Some Other Ground Cover Plants

  • Lilyturf- It has dense grass-like foliage and is suitable for all climate types. But it needs shade in tropical climates.
  • Sweet Woodruff- Sweet woodruff has fragrance flowers. So, it is an even better choice for garden covers. It grows in shade and well-drained soil.
  • Creeping Thyme– Creeping Thyme are also fragrant flowers. They are very small plants and an alternative to grasses.
  • Brass Button– Brass Button is suitable for lawn cover. Its yellow flowers bloom in spring. They usually grow in subtropical climates.
  • Creeping Phlox– This ground cover is easy to maintain. They also cover the rocks in the garden.
  • Sedum- This is an ornamental plant, and it gives yellow flowers in summers. There are various species of this plant. They grow in full sun and well-drained soil.
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