Gardening Hand Planting Tools Set (14Pcs)

Gardening Hand Planting Tools Set (14Pcs)

Gardening Hand Planting Tools is a tool kit that you would need to do your own hand gardening. We love to have lawns and gardens in our house. Many of us also love to do gardening all by themselves. There are people who have many pants and saplings planted in their houses. They love to take care of them and do hand gardening. Gardening is a hobby of many people; it makes them happy. Pursuing any hobby will lighten your mood and relieve you of any stress.

There are only a few things which you need for gardening. Generally, you can buy them at any store. They come as an entire set. Or you can buy all the equipment separately. This gardening package is a set of 14 pieces, which are perfect for your home gardening. They consist of every equipment which you would need for the job. 

Features Of Gardening Hand Planting Tools

Gardening Hand Planting Tools have following features

They are lightweight and easy to carry along.

This set comes with each and every tool which you would need for your gardening.

The equipment has an enormous handle design for your ease and comfort. 

All the tools are made up of plastic material.

All the tools come packed in a container so that you do not have to worry about missing any tool after you finish gardening.

Gardening Hand Planting Tools Set (14Pcs)
Gardening Hand Planting Tools Set (14Pcs)

Package Content

This package comes with a total of 14 tools. All of them are listed below with the number which you get in this set.

  • water bottle X1
  • shovels X2
  • beaker drip kettle X1
  • rake X1
  • hand air pump X1
  • picking tool X1
  • moving tool X1
  • spoon X1
  • tweezers X2
  • brush X1
  • Scissors X1
  • round shovel X1

Dimensions Of The Tools

The size and dimensions of the tools are listed below.

  • Water bottle: 8 x 3.2in 
  • Shovels: 8.6 in, two in the set
  • Beaker drip kettle: 8.6 x 2.7in 
  • Rake: 7in 
  • Air hand pump: 5.9 x 2in 
  • Picking tool: 5.9in 
  • Moving tool: 5.5in 
  • Spoon: 5.5in 
  • Bent tweezers: 6.7in 
  • Brush: 5.5in 

The Utility Of The Gardening Hand Planting Tools

Many people have gardening as their hobby. It is a perfect thing for them. You can even gift this Gardening Hand Planting Tools set to the people who have this hobby. They are a complete set of equipment which will help you make a small garden for yourself. You have every single tool which will make your work simple. 

All the tools of this set are made looking at the comfort of the user. They are lightweight, easy to carry along. Moreover, they are made of plastic, so there is no danger of getting hurt from it. All you have to know is the basics of gardening, and you are all set to go. 


So, guys, this was all about the Gardening Hand Planting Tools. This fantastic set which has everything that you would be needed while working on your garden. So go ahead and order one set for yourself and enjoy indulging in your favorite hobby of gardening.

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