Garden Tower To Grow Nutritious Organic Food

This article will enlighten you to grow nutritious and organic food for you and your family. Garden tower is the latest innovation that will encourage you to grow your food in your available space. Let us read about its significance.

The increasing health-conscious population today has placed their entire faith on a sticker or label that says ‘Natural’ or ‘Organic’. More fabulous vocabulary and dietary claims are added daily to tempt or confuse us. The USDA guidance on ‘Organic Standards’ and ‘List of Prohibited and Allowed Substances’ may build some confidence, but you are never assured.

Colin Cudmore decided to bypass the farm-to-store process and grow his own fresh and healthy food. So he produced them in his backyard, in his hall and the patio. He grew fruits and vegetables in its natural form, full of health and nutrition. Like all good things that must be shared, Colin Cudmore introduced his labor of love in the form of the ‘Garden Tower’.

Garden Tower To Grow Nutritious Organic Food
Garden Tower To Grow Nutritious Organic Food

Create Your Own Food Security

Foodborne disease is rampant because of germs and pesticides in the so-called fresh produce. What are our choices then? Pay heavily for a top of the order Organic and Natural food? What is available is not becoming cheap either. With the increasing industrial farming practice what we have in our hands is a semblance of the vegetables and fruits, but not how nature made them in all their nutrition and benefits. A ripe looking fruit is bereft of juice. A green looking vegetable has no nutrition.

There is nothing more satisfying in the world than seeing your fruit of love and labor grow. When you nurture the roots and see the first flower, seed or sampling bloom, you will have similar emotions of receiving the raise you have been hoping for a long time. Once a while, we add meaning to our lives by the pursuit of peace in solace or fun in the company. Have you ever thought of an activity that brings in both? Think Gardening! Do it alone or with your family and also teach your child self-reliance early in life. Our versatile ‘Garden Tower’ will help you produce your own healthy and nutritious food and empower you toward your food security.

Garden Tower Is A Farmland

The Garden Tower helps you to grow many herbs, greens, and vegetables. We also understand the inevitable space constrain in your dwellings. Therefore, you can place these towers indoor or outdoor. They are also available in vertical and horizontal platforms. Garden towers are not a pile of metals loaded one upon another. It is an elaborate farmland with considerable engineering and electrical support mechanism.

The indoor Garden Tower comes with Ultra-Efficient LED Grow Light Kit to support optimum PAR (Photosynthetically Available Radiation) and Photoperiod for the ideal growth of your plants. PAR and Photoperiod are radiation and light availability factors used by plants for its sustenance. We have designed this kit to create more useful light with minimum power consumption.

Garden Tower To Grow Nutritious Organic Food
Garden Tower To Grow Nutritious Organic Food

Both indoor and outdoor Garden Towers are composters that can grow 50 plants in any 4 square feet space. They help you recycle your kitchen waste to grow most vegetables, herbs, and flowers organically. They are all in one gardening and compositing structure replicating a natural ecosystem. The all-new Garden Tower 2 is now the ‘World Most Advanced Container Garden’. It features food-grade HDPE (non-toxic. BPA & PVC free plastics) components, FDA- approved dye and UV-protection antioxidant package. The rotating Garden Tower is an inevitable relief from expensive and difficult hydroponic systems.

Our Passion Is To Serve You

We endeavor to bypass the entire farm-to-store process. Therefore, our passionate Garden Tower Project team comprising environmental/applied natural scientists and health professionals assist you with other products and supplements. Please explore our site for an enjoyable and hassle-free gardening experience. We have a fantastic range of starter bundle, popular bundles, accessories/companion products, and gardening books. We also have regular gardening tips and news for all our passionate gardeners.

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