Flowering Ground Cover Plant

Flowering Ground Cover Plant

The ground cover plant is beneficial for landscaping. The ground cover plant needs proper blooming. With the proper care and nourishment, these blooms will look stunning and visually fascinating. Keeping the ground cover plant lawn seeded, watered, and mowed, the maintenance becomes easy. Some ground cover plants are a few inches tall and qualify to be a creeper or climber too. If you’re planning to set up a ground cover plant lawn, then all you need is the plant protective mesh netting.

Plant Cover Protective Mesh Netting

Whether it is a small home garden or a commercial farm, the Plant Cover Protective Mesh Netting is perfect. Growing crops and plants is a rewarding hobby and a good source of livelihood too. But a significant problem that farmers face is that their plants get damaged. Insects and birds are common pests that ruin the quality of plants. Due to this, some farmers resort to insecticides and other chemical sprays. But these chemical sprays not only contaminate the plants but make it toxic too. Especially if they are edible plants, they can pose a severe health risk to the consumers.

The product is a mesh netting that one can use to cover plants and protect them from pests. Without using chemicals, this net will keep all insects and birds away. Pests such as rodents can also be kept out. Mesh refers to the number of holes per one square inch area. There is a 14 mesh variant and a 20 mesh variant. Also, there are three size variants to suit your personal preferences.


Another advantage of the netting is that it is made up of high-quality nylon material. It can serve as a protective covering without sacrificing the breathability. Although some people use plastic covers that can completely block the air and stop it from reaching the plants. Along with that, the plants can grow excessive moisture that will later affect the quality. It is lightweight and easy to use. Therefore, you can use it as it is or you can use steel and wooden framings to give it structure. Also, since it is made up of flexible material, it is space-efficient. The product also allows for convenient storing when not in use.

The Best Of Flowering Ground Cover Plant


The Bugleweed grows best in warmer climates. It is an evergreen plant and ranges from blue to white in color. Moreover, the leaves of the plant are smooth and are lined with shades of purple. Maximum bloom occurs during the months of May through June. The head of the ground cover plant is spiked, and the top is around six inches.


Candytuft grows in well-drained soil. It can tolerate drought and reaches a height of 3 to 8 inches. The plant is evergreen and grows best in warmer climatic zones. Moreover, the petals of the Candytuft are sweet-scented and white in color. Bloom time is between the months of April and May.

Other flowering ground cover plants include The Creeping Thyme, Deadnettle, Hosta, etc. Moreover, it is easy to grow these plants with the help of the plant cover protecting mesh.

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