Everything You Need To Know About A Rock Garden

Everything You Need To Know About A Rock Garden

Here in My Garden Way, we are a community of garden lovers.

Nica over here has a vegetable garden at home. Mike, on the other hand, has a garden full of flowers. And there’s Andrew who takes pride in his succulent garden.

Everyone who has a deep passion for plants won’t be contented mastering only one type of garden. It might be amazing to gaze at your flower garden’s beauty as of now, but you’ll eventually get bored if you don’t get to do something with those bare hands.

So for today, we want to introduce to you a unique and exquisite kind of garden – the rock garden. Most people think a rock garden isn’t even a real garden. They think it’s just a space filled with rocks and nothing else.

In most Japanese communities, there are certainly places where you will find nothing else but a bunch of rocks. The Japanese have a thing for rocks because it holds a deep function in their history.

But as far as a rock garden is concerned, you will be surprised to know that this is actually composed of real plants as well.

In future posts, we will be teaching you a thing or two about growing a rock garden, but for today, we are going to dig into the basics of rock gardening, starting with what a rock garden really is.

What Is A Rock Garden?

Everything You Need To Know About A Rock Garden

People who have a thing for Zen and meditation are usually the ones who take part in the rock garden community. So, yes. Originally a rock garden would only be composed of nothing else but rocks. It has been proven, however, that a rock garden can also be an interesting and relaxing place to hang around even with the presence of several plants. As a matter of fact, it makes a great addition to your house’s visual interest.

When we talk about gardens, we initially think about two things: soil and plants. Of course, in the modern view, this kind of garden also contains plants, but instead of soil, as you might have guessed, what you will witness is a bunch of rocks.

Other than that, what’s the difference between the two. Probably, the only key difference is that a rock garden is much easier to maintain compared to typical kinds of gardens.

The Best Rocks For Your Rock Garden

Everything You Need To Know About A Rock Garden

Everything You Need To Know About A Rock Garden

A rock garden isn’t some kind of new discovery. As a matter of fact, it goes back to the beginning of time. The reason many communities have been adapting this kind of garden is that it is especially pleasant to the eyes.

But that doesn’t mean that any rock garden would add visual interest in your property. For your journey as a rock gardener to be successful, you need to learn the basics. We need to look at the design. We need to know how to choose the right rocks.

You see, a rock garden can either make or break your yard. With that, it is essential to carefully choose the kind of rocks that will make your yard look pleasant.

One tip would be to add variety. Don’t go for a yard filled with all tiny rocks. You want to create a balance between small and large rocks. Aside from that, it might also be a good idea to experiment with different colors.

Rock Positioning

Everything You Need To Know About A Rock Garden

Everything looks easy until such a time when you try to do it yourself. Just because something seems plain and simple doesn’t mean the execution is that easy as well.

For the case of this kind of garden, it might seem to be nothing but a space filled with rocks and a few plants,  but there is an order that you need to follow to create that modern and harmonious look you have been jealous of from your neighbor’s garden. We recommend you to try different angles and make sure to place stones and boulders aligned with the soil berms.

The Right Plants 

If all types of plants could grow in a rocky environment, then no one is going to dare question if they could grow plants in this kind of garden.

So, while choosing the right rocks to put in your garden is an initial step, you might also want to get started with the plants you want to see in your garden.

We suggest putting in some perennials, cactus, or even some succulent plants. They would certainly look cool in your new rock garden.

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