Easy-To-Grow Plants For First-Time Gardeners

Easy-To-Grow Plants For First-Time Gardeners

Gardening is not just a hobby. It is a stress-buster. Growing the beautiful flowers, veggies in your little garden feels very relaxing and refreshing. But if you are a novice to this field, you should have an idea about the easy-to-grow plants that do not need a green thumb for maintaining them.

Easy-To-Grow Plants For First-Time Gardeners
Easy-To-Grow Plants For First-Time Gardeners

Easy-To-Grow Plants – Pansies

One of the toughest flowers, pansies have over 300 varieties. You will find them everywhere in the United States, even in the chilly winters. When the temperature of the soil is between 50 and 60 degrees, you can plant them.


In the majority of the houses in the United States, the tomato plants are available. The soil should have a continuous temperature of 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit for planting the tomatoes. Make sure to plant the seeds at least eight weeks before the last frost date.


After the spring frosting ends, plant the marigold in moist soil with a good drainage system.

Easy-To-Grow Plants – Mint

This hardy herb is immensely easy to grow in your garden. You have to make sure that the soil is damp and there is a proper drainage system in your garden. It needs moderate shade in the day.


For every first-time gardener, sunflowers are the ultimate choice. They look gorgeous, and their seeds are incredibly healthy. They need direct sunrays for growth. So, always plant them outdoors away from other plants so that they get ample space to grow. Though they grow in any soil, soggy soil is not for them.

Easy-To-Grow Plants For First-Time Gardeners
Easy-To-Grow Plants For First-Time Gardeners


You can quickly grow this herb with ease. You need to deposit the seeds in the kitchen garden at least 12 inches apart. Make sure the plants get adequate sunlight. Plant the seeds six weeks before the last date of frosting. If the soil feels dry, pour a little water. Thus, you will have a lovely plant full of leaves.


They grow very fast in loose as well as moist soil that gets adequate light. These are perfect for growing during the cold months. You need to plant the seeds keeping 1-inch distance between each.


Start planting the potatoes as soon as the last frosting of the spring goes. They grow perfectly in rows in the backyard. However, if you have less space, then you can use half-bushel baskets without any bottom for growing the potato plant. Loamy soil and enough sunlight are the main criteria for growing the potatoes.


This cold-season vegetable needs to be planted a minimum six to eight weeks earlier than the last date of frosting. But first, you need to prepare the seeds through priming. For that, you need to dip the seeds in water for one day and then take them out and pat dry. Keep them in the room for one week in an airtight bag. After that, plant those seeds in tilled soil having a temperature of fewer than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Easy-To-Grow Plants – Zucchinis

They are so prolific that within a few weeks, your garden will be loaded with zucchini plants. Regular mulching of the soil is essential for them.

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