Easy Plants To Grow In A Home Garden

Easy Plants To Grow In A Home Garden

If you own a home garden, you are damn lucky. Walking up to the view of the beautiful plants and eating fresh vegetable plants straight from your own produce is indescribable. Well, if you are new to gardening and want to discover the plants that require little effort and expertise, we are here to help. There are many easy plants to grow in a garden. Some of these plants require no special fertilizers or pesticides, while others require a little amount. Choose one depending on the amount of care you can give and also how much you want to invest.


Watercress can’t be missed when it comes to easy plants to grow. This plant needs little care and attention. It also flowers beautifully in a good water garden. Since it is relatively low maintenance, it makes for a great plant to grow.

7 Easy Plants To Grow In A Home Garden
Easy Plants To Grow In A Home Garden


Another easy plant to grow is the lettuce. This plant can tolerate drought conditions. It can be grown in containers as well as pots in a sunny spot in your yard.


Basil also can’t be skipped in the list of easy plants to grow. Possessing an earthy flavor, basil is a popular salad vegetable. However, it needs to be grown in sandy or loamy soil. It also required frequent trimming often at it grows very easily.


Daisy is perfect for a home garden. Known for its large variety of colors, daisy is used by the gardener to get rid of weeds as well as to make space look more organized. It can also be planted in the soil in rows mixed with some of the other plants. Daisy can be planted throughout the year, but if you have a dry spell in a given season, it is best to keep it out of the garden and choose a different flower like the hydrangea. Alternatively, move the plant to a wet spot if there is an area of the garden where the water table is high.


The peach trees require plenty of shade during hot days and are considered very drought tolerant. They also thrive well in sunny regions and can provide shade in the shady areas. The peaches do not need to be pruned and are quite easy to maintain.


The melons are easy to take care of, and they will need a good amount of sunlight. It is also easier to see when they are ripe because they look orange with dark purple rind.


Cucumbers grow quickly and so do their leaves. The leaves need to be trimmed often, but they also need to be kept away from frost. They will usually need to be fertilized every couple of weeks to get a more lush looking vegetable.

Easy Plants To Grow In A Home Garden
Easy Plants To Grow In A Home Garden


Tomatoes have many uses and they require only a little maintenance. They will grow well and bloom like crazy if you know how to plant them well.

These are the types of plants that can be easily and quickly grown in the garden. They require very little care, and because of their large size, they are very attractive to the eye. Caring for them is also not a tricky task! So, choose any of these plants and enjoy them thrive in your own home garden. Happy gardening!

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