Different Types Of Sharpen Gardening Tools

sharpen gardening tools


List Of Sharpen Gardening Tools

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Start off by sharpening the blades of your pokers, forks, spoons, and other garden tools using sharpening stone or a metal file. If the blades of your gardening tools are made out of wood, then you can start chopping wood and file it using the aforementioned materials. When sharpening metal, use a steel file or metal sharpening tool. The blades of these tools will be much sharper than the ones for wooden tools, so it’s not unlikely for you to Nick the edge. Be sure that you clean the file after every use to keep it free from mineral stains and rust. After each use, rinse off the dirt and clean the blades with solvent.

If you’re using wood and not steel or some other metal material, then there are other sharpen gardening tools that you can use for sharpening the edges of your pokers, spoons, forks, and pruners. One such tool is a claw hammer. These pruners, when sharpened properly, will be about twice as wide as a poker, so you may want to bring one of these along with you to fix a prune. When sharpening pruners, however, you should keep in mind that the edges of these pruners are very sensitive to being left wet for too long.

Another tool you might want to sharpen is a good pair of nail clippers. A good set of nail clippers will make short work of nailing down hedges, stumps, and fences without having to resort to sawing them off. The best brands of nail clippers usually come with file attachments, and these files often come with their own sharpening components. These attachments are either stationary or they can be mounted on the handheld grinder. Just remember that if your garden tools are made of steel or some other hard metal, then you should sharpen them with the help of a professional.

Reasons To Use

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It should go without saying that if your gardening tools are made of wood, then you should not sharpen them yourself. However, if you do have small sharpening tools like pocket knives, then you may sharpen them yourself at home. You can either sharpen these manually by pushing the knife gently against the wood, or you can use what are called “boil and release” sharpeners. Many garden stores sell small handheld sharpeners that you can purchase for very little money.

Types Of

Another common type of sharpen is a jig saw. Home sharpeners work much the same way as a regular saw does, with the exception that you do not use the blade to cut. Instead, you use the jigsaw sharpening stone to chip away at the nail or other material from the wood. Some types of jig saws also include a second blade which can be used to cut away material on the opposite side of the blade. These blades can be switched easily without taking the entire saw completely apart. Many large retail stores sell jig sharpeners that use diamond crystals to allow the blade to glide across the wood without cutting.

Another type of sharpening tool that can be bought to sharpen your own garden tools is a pruner. Similar to the aforementioned hand held tools, pruners can be purchased at most hardware or lawn care stores for fairly inexpensive prices. Pruners have a long, curved metal disc that can be pushed into the wood to sharpen. Unlike the aforementioned types of sharpeners, pruners do not need to be removed in order to sharpen. They simply sit in the holder until you are ready to use them again.


As you can see, there are many different types of sharpeners to choose from. However, if you are looking for the most professional level of sharpening then you should invest in a professional set of tools. You can find sharpeners and blades available online.

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