Designing Your Garden With Palm Trees

Palm trees though common but are one of the most exquisite trees one can use for garden

They’re beautiful, wonderful, and iconic. Palm trees are often considered common and not as a design element for gardens. But, its beautiful trunks, its spectacular height and its fronds rustling in the wind can create a magical atmosphere for your garden. Gardeners across the world are experimenting with thousands of species of the palm trees. They make your garden fuller and richer. Designing your garden with palm tree could be a very fruitful experience for people who have never considered it in the first place.

Tropical touch to your garden

There are numerous types of palm trees that grow in any given weather conditions. If you want a typical tropical feel to your garden then the palm tree is the best option you can bring to your garden.

Palm trees are gorgeous

They can be easily spotted from a distance and have a distinct characteristic that creates quite an impression. Palm trees are exotic. They create a holiday feeling in exotic locations and warm destinations.  It is interesting to note that there are various varieties of palm tree all with varied shape and size.  They have a distinct look and appearance which can definitely win your heart and make you sway with it. Areca palm, miniature fishtail, fountain palm, Mexican fan palm are some of the palm varieties which are mesmerizing in their own way.

Resistant to natural calamities

Put them against powerful winds or floods, you will see them standing steady. Palm trees are the best kind of trees that one can incorporate in their garden design. They are strong and durable. They can endure extreme natural calamities. This is actually possible because they have rambling roots. The roots are spread widely underground giving it firm support to stand strong. They also have a wiry trunk which forms a radial pattern which helps the trees to sway during hurricanes and prevents them from snapping.

Ideal for beautiful landscaping

Palms, if structurally planted can give an iconic landscape to your garden. Imagine walking through a path with palm trees planted on either side of the road. Your garden could be big or small; palm trees provide amazing landscape and contour.

Designing Your Garden With Palm Trees

Minimum maintenance

They can survive without much care and nutrition. The topsoil of the ground should be nutrient for its survival. They need less water to grow just twice a month is enough during the summer season. Once the palm tree has firmly held the ground one only has to trim it.


We spend thousands of dollars in making our garden look exquisite.  We buy expensive plants to give our garden design a spectacular look.

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