Container Gardening Ideas For Beginners

Container Gardening Ideas

Your first question includes your answer: “No, I have not changed my gardening routine.” Spring, when the weather is warm, nights are cooler and the temperature is not as unforgiving, optimal container gardening plants thrive. However, as heat, humidity and sunlight increase in the summer, you must change your container-garden care protocol. If you are looking for a more natural, healthy gardening experience, then you will want to avoid over watering and under watering.

Avoid Over Watering And Under Watering

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Watering in the summer will require two changes in strategy. First, you will want to move your container indoors before it becomes too hot and humid. If you are at work or on vacation, you will want to stay out of direct sunlight to maximize the amount of moisture in your container can draw from the soil. A good rule of thumb is to allow your container to be watered once every other day – no more!

Secondly, you will want to move your container to an area with a lower degree of moisture to allow your plants to absorb the moisture. During the summer, if you are using a pond pump to remove excess water, you will need to drain it before using the pump. This allows the water to drain into the ground without mixing with the soil. The same rule applies for irrigation – make sure you do not water your plants too often!

Amazing Container Gardening Ideas

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When you are watering your container in the summer, do not use the same type of hose that you use to water your vegetables. You will not be able to control the speed or pressure of your water jets, so you will need a much higher volume to water your plants effectively.

Watering in the summer is best done on a regular basis. To accomplish this goal, you will want to water twice a week or after the plants have begun to bloom.

It is important to water on a morning of warmer days when your plants are not blooming. During the day, use a sprinkler in an area away from the plant. You can also try to spray the area directly where you plan to water the plants.

Do not over water your plant. When you have finished watering, add more water to ensure that your plant is getting the proper nutrition and moisture. Do not add water if the plant is dry or wilting. If you are going to water the plant in the morning, be sure to water prior to the plant’s bloom period.

If you are new to container gardening, you may find that it requires more work and time than some of your friends. This type of gardening is not for everyone, but with a little practice and persistence, you will reap the rewards of a beautiful garden full of colorful, healthy plants.

Benefits Of Container Gardening

Containers are also perfect if you are looking to decorate and enhance your yard. The best thing about containers is the versatility of them – you can use them as decorative elements to add interest and class to your home. The right container can also help you create an outdoor oasis – something that you can enjoy year-round, even in cold weather.

Garden centers often offer containers at a good place to purchase them. Be sure to take a look around before purchasing one. Most garden centers offer a variety of container styles.

Another resource for container gardening ideas is a gardening magazine. Gardening magazines can provide you with a variety of ideas. Many gardening magazines offer container gardening ideas for a wide variety of gardens, including flower gardening, vegetable gardening and fruit garden gardening. There are a variety of websites that specialize in information about container gardening as well.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to buy your first container, check out a gardening center before you make your final decision. A gardening center usually has the best selection and will be able to help you make a wise choice. Many have knowledgeable staff members that will be able to answer your questions. Once you have your container, check out the many books and magazines available to help you make the perfect container.

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