Building Succulent Garden In 5 Easy Steps

Building A Beautiful Succulent Garden In 5 Easy Steps

In the neighborhood where we live in, there aren’t many people who own a garden. But that doesn’t indicate that they’re not interested in having one. It’s just that there are actually people who just aren’t meant for the rugged lifestyle of a gardener.

Some of our neighbors have been tried to grow a plant at one time, but it just didn’t work out. He said he probably didn’t have the green thumb for it.

But there’s really no such as a green thumb. Sure, there are people who look as if they have a natural talent for gardening, but things like this can be learned. You only need to have a starting point.

So for today, we thought we’d teach you a thing or two about the easiest plants to take care of. It may not look like it a succulent garden is pretty easy to start and it’s even easier to maintain.

In another post, we will be walking you through the processes of maintaining a succulent garden and revamping its design. But for now, what you will find here are five pointers on how to easily set up a succulent garden.

1. Find A Place Where There’s Plenty Of Light for Succulent Garden

Building A Beautiful Succulent Garden In 5 Easy Steps

Building A Beautiful Succulent Garden In 5 Easy Steps

The first you want to do is find a spot your succulent garden can thrive. Just like any plant, your succulent is going to need a ton of light for it to thrive.

Succulents are known to be the kind of plant that is relatively easy to grow. With that, there are people who have the misconception that a succulent garden can be placed anywhere in the house.

While a succulent garden does not need much mending compared to an ordinary garden, it still won’t be able to survive without its basic necessities such as sunlight.

There is a slim chance that a succulent will grow under the shade, but it will certainly look a lot different compared to its other counterparts.

You also need to take the temperature into consideration, especially if you plan to have your succulent garden outdoors. Make sure that the succulents are kept in a warm and breezy environment. They should never be kept in freezing locations because succulents cannot withstand this kind of environment.

2. Find The Right Soil For Your Succulent Garden

Building A Beautiful Succulent Garden In 5 Easy Steps

Sunny slopes are the natural habitat of succulents. With that, in building a succulent garden, you need to have good soil with a great drainage system.

We also managed to share with you an excellent soil mix you can experiment on. We, however, encourage you to do your own exploration. That’s the best part about being a gardener.

Now back to main business. What you need to do is grab 2 parts of standard potting soil. It’s important to note that the parts need to be obtained by volume. The first part needs to be from 1/4 to 1/8 fine gravel. The second part of the soil, on the other hand, needs to be fine bark.

3. Be Creative On The Pots And Containers 

Building A Beautiful Succulent Garden In 5 Easy Steps

Building A Beautiful Succulent Garden In 5 Easy Steps

Unlike other kinds of plants, succulents come in whimsical shapes. This is an excellent opportunity for you to ooze all your creative energy on creating unusual and exotic pots and containers.

A succulent is beautiful all on its own, but these kinds of plants have a ton of potential in it to transform into a wonderful piece of art. It all depends on the whole package of the succulent garden. You need to bring out the beauty of these plants.

4. Think As If You’re A Designer

The job of a gardener is to keep plants alive, but more than that, it is also your job to bring out the life in these static little creatures.

Plants may be still-life but they are alive nonetheless. One way to bring out the life in them is by unleashing the beauty that they have within.

With that said, you need to be creative on how you place each plant from the other. Think in terms of layers, color, shapes, and layout.

Don’t think that you’re building a succulent garden. Instead, imagine that you are plotting an interior design. After all, one of the primary purposes of a succulent garden is to revamp or boost a house’s visual interest.

5. Succulent Garden: Know How Often To Water Your Plants 

Building A Beautiful Succulent Garden In 5 Easy Steps

You’re lucky if you live in a rainy climate because there will almost be no need to water your plants, except when it is hot and sunny.

However, if you live in places like Southern California where rain rarely falls down, you need to water your plants twice a week.

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