Basic Gardening Equipment And Their Uses

Gardening 101: Basic Gardening Equipment And Their Uses

Gardening doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary. The moment you hear this word, you wouldn’t think that you have to be knowledgeable about something that’s rocket science. All you need to build a garden is soil, a couple of seeds, and water.

Those are the basics, but there’s so much more to gardening than just that. You also need various gardening equipment. Without them, gardening would take a whole lot of tremendous effort. It would take a miracle to achieve the kind of yields that you expect for.

But even when you’ve gathered all the gardening equipment you need, that still isn’t enough to call yourself a gardener. You also need to be adept in the functionality of these items. So, in this post, we’re going to teach you a thing or two about the basic gardening equipment you need, as well as their particular uses.

Gardening Equipment: Hand Trowel

Basic Gardening Equipment And Their Uses

Some people think that you only need a hand trowel when you’re gardening directly in your yard, but no matter the medium you use for your plants, this gardening tool right here is a must-have. You can use it to turn up or dig the soil, pull scattered leaves, and even when planting bulbs or seedlings. On the other hand, you can also use to transfer your plants from the yard into a container. See? It’s quite handy.

Pruning Shears

Basic Gardening Equipment And Their Uses

Maintaining a garden is more than just about watering your plants every day or when you think they are thirsty. It’s also about enabling them to grow the best way they can.

You wouldn’t usually give your children cuts, but even though your plants sometimes feel like they come from your loins, you need to do a lot of cutting here and there so they can grow not only taller but also wider. On the plus side, this will also encourage higher yields. So, yeah, no matter the planting method you want to use for your flowers, pruning shears is an excellent gardening equipment to have at home.

Gardening Equipment: Garden Gloves

Basic Gardening Equipment And Their Uses

For some people, gloves aren’t exactly a type of gardening equipment but considering the utility of this product we still added it on our list.

It’s quite nifty to have around. After all, you can’t just indulge in all that gardening without protecting yourself from the dirt and bacteria.

Maybe you decided to give gardening a try because of its practicality or perhaps you found it to be a nice pastime. Whatever the case may be, it’s still more important to care for yourself. So, don’t ever start building a garden without gloves.

Garden Spade

Basic Gardening Equipment And Their Uses

Of course, you don’t expect to start gardening without digging up a certain level of the soil. Gardening isn’t just about throwing some seeds on the ground and waiting for it to grow.

A significant amount of your time spent on gardening will be invested in nurturing an environment conducive for plant growth.

Aside from being the plant’s natural habitat, the soil is also what transport water and nutrients to the roots and into the plant. So a spade would definitely be a helpful gardening equipment, especially when you start digging for garden beds.

Gardening Equipment: Wheelbarrow

Basic Gardening Equipment And Their Uses

You might not need this gardening equipment right now. But the moment you decide to make gardening as more than just a mere hobby, you’re definitely going to need a wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrows are usually used to move dirt around, but the possibilities are endless. You can use to haul dead leaves or even compost around your property. But of course, you are only going to need a gardening equipment like this the moment you start expanding your garden space.

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