Apartment Gardening- What’s New In It

apartment gardening

We all love to see beautiful homes surrounded by superb gardens and wish we could all have the same. But did you know that even if you have an apartment, you can have the beauty of a garden? Yes, apartment gardening is a thing, and it is high time you indulged in the same. There are numerous things that you can grow, including herbs, vegetables, fruits, and a lot more. Even if the space is too small, you should not have any problems in making the most out of it. Here are some of the things you must know if you want to be an apartment gardener. 



Select the spot in your apartment which has ample sunlight. Most of the fruiting and flowering plants need a proper dose of sunlight every day. Place the pots carefully and give them 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. If you can, you can also place them on the window sill. The more natural light they get, the better will be the growth. If you cannot afford to get natural daylight due to blockage, then you should buy grow lights and fix them nearby. 

Quality Of The Soil


Most plants depend on the solid or getting air, and you should be extra careful to choose the quality. Remember that when you are gardening in an apartment, the average garden soil will not suffice. Now you can get hold of numerous high-quality potting mixes that will help in the circulation of air and provide optimum nutrients to the plants. It is pretty fluffy, and the soil will help in keeping the roots healthy for sure. 


The plants in small containers need a lot of water so make sure that they are not dehydrated. If you cannot put water multiple times a day, you can install a drip system with an automatic timer. It is an excellent system for working individuals who have to stay outside for long. Also, you do not have to carry water to and fro if you buy a hose and coil it whenever it is not in use. 


Not many people are aware of it, but humidity is another factor that you need to consider. Significantly if you are growing the plants on an indoor sill, then you should provide the extra dose of humidity. Use a fine misting spray bottle so that you can give them the freshness they need. Also, you can keep a tray of water next to the plants, and it will do the trick.  

Weight Of The Soil

Numerous containers are heavy, and water can get logged in there. Water saturation is one of the significant reasons why plants do not survive- and the garden spot might not handle the weight as well. The container should have a wide bottom so that the weight gets distributed over the surface area, and your window sill can hold it. 


Apartment gardening is not easy to begin with, but it gets better with practice. You can start planting herbs like parsley, lavender, basil, and thyme, as well as tomatoes and chili peppers. Flowering plants will also make the entire apartment look vibrant, so you can try planting them too.

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