Apartment Gardening Ideas – True Space Saving Container Tips For Plant Lovers

apartment gardening ideas

Are you in search of apartment gardening ideas? And you do not want to restrict gardening up to ground level only? Apply this!

New generation people have emerged out with urban gardeners. From small-maintenance succulents to vegetable harvesting, apartment gardening did not become more popular.

If you have a small apartment, then also you should grow some plants. In addition to houseplants will be some vegetables, fruits, and herbs that can flourish in your apartment garden

Beginners and renters gardeners alike, we have a list of apartment gardening ideas to help you out. Some tricks and tips that will totally help you go ahead with your journey.

List Of Some Apartment Gardening Ideas

A close up of a plant

1. Start Small

Starting small is the basic element of apartment gardening ideas. Select the plants carefully based on easy-to-care. Succulents are the best plants for beginners because they are maintenance-free and come in large varieties like aloe vera, jade, echeveria, panda plant, and zebra plant.

2. Plant According To Apartment Layout: Apartment Gardening Ideas

Select plants based on the position of windows, available space, and amount of light coming.

Plants for apartment gardening usually require minimum light while other plants ask for direct sunlight.

3. No Windows, Not To Worry

An addition to apartment gardening ideas is that if you don’t have a window or minimum ones, then you need not worry about it.

Choose those plants which will remain in dim light areas just like peace lilies, weeping figs, fittonias, ivy, and money plants.

4. Use Of Natural Light: Apartment Gardening Ideas

Lucky are the people who have several windows in their apartment, as direct sunlight for long hours will make your plant grow happily. List of those plants which are themselves in sunlight for long hours is- tropical flowers, succulents, and cacti.

5. Light-up Things With Flowers

People who love flowers will also love to decorate your house using flowers such as petunias, begonias, pansies, geraniums to provide you with amazing blooms.

6. Think Vertical: Apartment Gardening Ideas

A close up of a plant

The most indispensable thing in apartment gardening ideas is to think vertically. For a small studio and apartments, vertical planting will be more spacious so that you can even add more plants to it.

If you select a tall and slim variety of plants, it will ensure you have more free space.

7. Use Of Window Ledges

We can use window ledges to make a hold on long rectangular planters & tiny pots as excellent apartment gardening ideas.

Select plants that will flourish in sunlight. And also turn your plant around, to let them grow against the glass and towards sunlight.

Window ledges can hold long rectangular planters and tiny pots for a window garden effect. Be sure to choose plants that will thrive in full sunlight and turn plants, so they don’t grow against the glass in the sunlight’s direction. 

Conclusion On Apartment Gardening Ideas

All these apartment gardening ideas will get fitted in your mind that they are most fruitful, spacious, and life-giving to us.

Thus, embellish your apartment using a variety of flowers and plants and contribute your bit in making your surroundings green and clean!

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