All About Beautiful Garden Bushes

Beautiful Garden Bushes

Garden Bushes: 

Beautiful Garden

When we talk about a garden, the first thing that comes to our mind is a beautiful garden with colorful flowers. The next thing which comes to our mind is shining garden bushes. Garden bushes are of different kinds and all are having their beauty. One of the most popular bushes is roses-bushes. Roses are known for their fragrance. They come in different colors like red, pink, yellow, etc.

Facts About Beautiful Garden bushes:

Beautiful Garden

There are various types of best gardens bushes available on market but mainly five types of highest selling ones are discussed hereunder named as evergreen shrubs, deciduous or spring-blooming shrubs, peony family plants, thorn bearing plants, and climbing plants.

Evergreen Shrubs:

There are various types of evergreen bushes available on market like fir, spruce, pine, etc. The most common among these are pine. It is very useful in making our garden look beautiful; it has long-lasting green foliage which won’t fade its color throughout the year.

Deciduous or Spring Blooming shrubs:

These are similar to flowers that they come into blossom in the spring season but they don’t last for more than two weeks unlike the former one (evergreens) which lasts all around the year with lush greenery and bright colors. Deciduous shrubs include lilacs, azaleas, mock oranges, etc. You can also go for flowering ornamental shrubs like forsythia, quince, and beautyberry. They come in yellow and orange colors and they look beautiful when planted at the back of your garden (furthermost from your sitting area).

Peony Family Plants:

They come in varieties but all have similar characteristics. Their flower heads are either solitary or clustered. Their flowers are large, rounded in shape with five to nine petals. Peonies add height to your garden as they grow up to 4-5 feet high only. But be careful about one thing that these plants prefer good rich soil so if you don’t have good soil in your garden then plant them in a pot and place it in the corner of your garden so that their roots can get a good amount of nutrients.

Most of the plants in this category include bell flowers, anemones, chrysanthemums, and hydrangeas, etc. Bellflowers come in various colors like white, pink, red, etc. They grow up to 4 feet high only but there are varieties available on the market that they can reach more height if planted in good soil. Anemone comes with single or double petal flower heads and hydrangea have large-sized heads that look very beautiful when placed at the back corners of garden beds where they can be viewed from some distance away.

Thorn Bearing Plants:

These bushes have thorns all over their stem which is why it is also called a thorny bush or spiny shrub. These are much attractive when compared to other bushes as they come in various shades of green and can make your garden look spicier.

Climbing Plants:

They grow up on walls and trellises so if you want a different and unique kind of look for your garden then plant fast-growing climbing vines like wisteria, jasmine, or honeysuckle which will cover the wall and create a shadier area in the summer season.

Lantana bushes attract butterflies and hummingbirds because these flowers provide nectar to them. Roses attract bees, moths, etc because they have bright colors that attract all kinds of pollinating insects that play an important role in our ecosystem. Bunny tails grass is a very low-maintenance plant that looks beautiful in all seasons of the year. Weeping willow, pampas grass, and bamboo are also beautiful garden bushes that you should try out at least once in your lifetime.

How to Make Your Garden More Attractive?

A Garden is a place where different types of flowers, shrubs, and trees are joined together so that they can create a healthy environment for us to live in. But if you want to make your garden more attractive then there are some steps/tips that you can follow or take help from professionals.

These tips are as follows:

  • If you don’t have time to go here and there for buying plants then instead of going on roadsides plant these shrubs, vines, etc at the backside of your house. This idea will not only save you time but also it will save your money as many of the plants that you see on roadsides are very cheap and you can’t even guess whether they would grow or die, so it’s better to take help from professionals for this purpose.
  • If there is a water body in your garden then plant lilies and lotuses because these flowers need less care while growing back in the water. If there is no such body then go for a water fountain to add beauty to your garden. Moreover, if your garden faces southwest direction then don’t forget to plant roses because this direction suits them well.
  • To make your garden more attractive try out different colors from different flower categories. There are so many varieties out there which you can try out according to your choice and taste.
  • If your garden is in the corner of the house then plant vines and climbing plants like grapes, jasmine, honeysuckle, etc to cover the walls and make them look attractive from distance. It will not only add beauty but also it will save electricity bills by reducing the heat that falls on walls due to sunlight.
  • In your garden make a small pond or a fountain because this idea helps you water the plants easily without going anywhere else for this purpose. Moreover, if there are any ponds in your backyards then plant lotus flowers because they won’t die even after staying in water for a very long time whereas other flower varieties would fail miserably in such a situation.
  • The last tip is that you should plant some trees around your garden because they provide shade and protect your plants from the extreme heat of sun rays. Moreover, if you plant these trees on the borders of your property then this idea will save you from thieves and trespassers.

Now I hope that with the help of these tips and tricks people who want to make their gardens more attractive would be able to do so easily without any hassle. If there are still some areas in which you feel like you need help then take advice from professionals or else seek help from the internet for this purpose.

Considerations before buying bushes for your garden


There are various types of bushes available in the market but it depends on an individual’s choice to select the best-suited one. However, before selecting any variety one must consider his/her requirement. For instance, if you are looking for bushes that will attract butterflies then one can select butterfly bush whereas birds are generally attracted to red color so it would be a good idea to plant red roses in the garden. Moreover, cactus is a best-suited variety of bushes that provide a pleasant look and they do not require much care too.

Watering Needs:

Different types of flowers, shrubs, and trees have different watering needs. For example, while growing ferns plant them in the shady areas because these plants need low sunlight exposure otherwise foliage becomes dull and pale. Furthermore, while purchasing shrubs one must consider its water requirement else it may die out soon due to lack of watering or other reason. To make your garden more attractive choose varieties which are available in your locality at cheap prices because then only you will be able to provide the best services to your house.

Professional Guidance:

Going to nursery or market for buying bushes can cost you time and it is time-consuming process moreover there are chances of being sold flora which doesn’t suit the place where it is being planted so on top of all one must choose professional who can give proper guidance regarding this issue.


One more thing that should be considered is before planting any variety of shrubs, flowers, or trees it must be checked whether a particular type suits the climate condition of your region otherwise plant would die out soon due to extreme weather conditions. Finally, the nowadays online option is also available where you can find a large variety of plants with complete information about each type that suits certain conditions whereas tips given by professionals are also shared to help people out in this regard.

Seasonal consideration:

To make your garden more beautiful one must always keep in mind that plants should be selected according to season because if a selection of plants is not done accordingly then there are possibilities that all plants will die out soon from lack of care or due to extreme weather conditions. If you want proper guidance regarding this issue then ask professionals for their opinion otherwise seek help from the internet through social websites like Facebook and Twitter etc where information about various varieties of shrubs, bushes, and flowers along with pictures is shared with the public at large. 

Overall the process of making a garden attractive is not a difficult task but it requires some precautionary measures before beginning it so that desired result could be achieved easily and without any hassle.

I hope that people who are interested in making their gardens more beautiful would get proper guidance through this article because I have shared all the necessary tips related to this issue. 

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