9 Amazing Gardening Tools For Your Hand Gardening Tools Set

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Is there anything in the world that compares to the feeling of watching your garden bloom? Ask any gardener, and the glint in their eyes will tell you, there isn’t! But, gardening also needs the perfect tools, and there is no shortcut around it. So, it is essential that you build your gardening tools set before you embark on this fascinating journey. 

Best Tools To Complete Your Gardening Tools Set

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Every gardening tool has its particular use. And, when you are putting together your home gardening kit, it is a good idea to get the best tools together. Now let’s get into the nitty-gritties and find out the best gardening tools you got to have. 

Billhook Saw

Before you start gardening, you have got to get the place cleaned and tidied up. The billhook saw is the perfect tool. Easy to use and extremely effective! It is capable of trimming shoots and stems, sawing branches, cutting vines, and severing roots. On one side you find a curved blade, and on the other, a coarse saw. It’s effective for pull cuts. 

Digging Shovel

A shovel is among the indispensable gardening tools that every gardener needs to have. The D-shaped handle makes it perfect to dig and toll heavy soil using both hands. The sharp front end makes it easier to dig into hardened soil as well. And, then you also have the stepping plate for that extra shove. 

Hori Hori Digging Tool

This digging tool does much more than simply digging. It’s a trowel, a knife, as saw, and a measuring device. It’s one of the best multipurpose tools for gardening you will come across, and a ‘must-have’ when it comes to preparing your own gardening tools set. 

Garden Rake

A garden rake is the best tool to get your garden ready. It is the perfect tool to loosen up the soil, increase the porousness of hard packed soil, and leveling mulch. It will get your garden ready for seeding. 

Digging Fork

This tool works much like the garden rake, but, is useful even in crammed spaces. The digging fork can loosen up the soil and help you deliver compost deep within the soil. The D-shaped handle makes it easier to control. 

Leaf Rake

You will be thankful that you have this in your arsenal once the fall season is over. When it comes to cleaning the garden and collecting debris, there is nothing as good as the leaf rake. 

Pruners And Loppers 

When it comes to cutting branches, removing the heads of the plants, and cleaning off the plants, the go-to tools are the pruners or loppers. If you have got smaller branches and twigs, the pruners are perfect. Anything larger than your fingers, bring out the loppers for the job. 

Edging Spade

The edging spade is a handy tool when it comes to neatly slice the turf, or edge a garden, or mulch off a flat surface, or scrape soil and cut roots. The flat-blade head makes the tasks a lot easier. 


If there’s one thing that you will have quite trouble with, it’s carrying everything around in the garden. Whether you are cleaning or taking the tools for some work, the wheelbarrow is your perfect companion. 

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