8 Gardening Tools Storage Ideas & Tips

Gardening Tools Storage Ideas

If you have a garden and own a lot of gardening tools, you may find it a little tricky to organize your tools. Although you can store the garden tools in a corner in your porch or garden itself, keeping everything well-organized keeps the place tidy as well as saves time. Here are some gardening tools storage ideas you can use to stay organized with the tools.

Opt For Storage Bins

One of the best gardening tools storage ideas is to use storage bins. Storage bins help you store several gardening tools in one place. You can use any available space to place your storage bins. Choose the size of the bin wisely and make sure to put a label on your bin to know what’s inside. You can also use transparent bins or containers.  

Gardening Tools Storage Ideas
8 Gardening Tools Storage Ideas & Tips

Buy A Potting Bench

Potting benches gives you the flexibility of storing your garden tools and do gardening simultaneously. They are versatile and also be used as a rack for your wines or food items. Look for a potting bench made of cedarwood. Choose the bench with enough shelf space and a subtle number of drawers. You can then place the potting bench in your garden area or even inside a home.

Use A Pegboard

Create a DIY pegboard to organize your garden tools vertically. You can set up the pegboard in your home, garage, patio, or even garden. Install hooks and baskets for storing a wide range of tools. If you have a shelf where you keep the pots, set up the pegboard beside that shelf. You can also hang baskets on a wall instead of installing them on the board for gardening tools storage.

Turn A Mailbox Into A Storage Box

If you have an old or unused mailbox, you can convert into a storage box for your garden tools. Clean the mailbox and paint it creatively before using it. You can paint the mailbox in your favorite shade and use stickers, sparkles, and labels to decorate it.

Use The Garage Door 

The inside of your garage door can be used effectively for hanging the gardening tools. Use baskets, old rakes, hooks, and other accessories to hang the tools. Alternatively, you can also use an old door or staircase. Decide how to use a door or staircase creatively to store all your garden tools.

Consider Cardboard Tubes

Looking for a budget-friendly solution for organizing the garden tools? Consider cardboard tubes and use them to store about anything – from garden tools to cricket bats and more. Secure the cardboard tubes a few inches high on a wall so that they remain safe and dry. You can reserve a corner in your garage or use the garage’s door to secure these cardboard tubes. Or you can install these tubes on any bare wall.

Gardening Tools Storage Tips
8 Gardening Tools Storage Ideas & Tips

Think Of Golf Bag As Garden Storage Space

An old or unused golf bag is an ideal place for storing your tools. It would be better to use a bag that’s on a cart. Such a golf bag can be easily taken in the garden as it’s highly portable. Once you are done gardening, you can transfer the tools in the bag and return the bag in its storage place. Well, you can store the golf bag with wheels in your garage or playroom.

Use Coat Hangers For Garden Hose

If you have a giant coat hanger, you can use it to store your garden hose. Set up the hanger in your garage, backyard, or in the garden itself to hang the hose. If the hanger is too old, you can paint it or decorate it before using it.

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