6 Easy & Simple Gardening Tips For Beginners

Gardening Tips For Beginners

Many people ditch the idea of gardening thinking it’s a difficult thing to do. In reality, gardening is as easy as other simple things in life. If the idea of gardening haunts you but you still dream of having a beautiful garden, we can help. Presented here are some easy gardening tips for beginners. No matter whether you want to create a vegetable garden or long for a simple garden, these tips will let you have a garden of your choice without any ado.

Get To Know Your Space 

Do you want a patio garden or a backyard garden? Get to know your space before you decide to do gardening. While many homeowners opt for an outdoor garden, some do indoor gardening due to restricted space. Once you have discovered the available space, it’s easy to design a garden and choose plants/crops.

Easy Gardening Tips For Beginners
6 Easy & Simple Gardening Tips For Beginners

Test The Soil

Successful gardening starts with great soil. The soil you are about to use for planting should have the right pH level. It should also be well-drained and have the desired nutrients. Well, most plants thrive in rich, sandy loam soil. For a vegetable garden, you may need to add compost. To make sure you have the right soil, test it. Use a soil testing kit to ensure the soil has the desired pH level. Check for the organic matter if you are planning to start a vegetable garden. Also, check for nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. Make sure to correct the deficiencies in the soil if you find any.

Know Which Crops/Plants To Grow

Choose plants according to the area you live in. Know your climate zone and pick the plants accordingly. You can visit a nursery or check plant labels to discover the best crops for your area. Once you have selected the plants, get to know the growing needs of your plants. While some plants need ample water and little sun, others can easily grow in any type of soil. Also, learn about which plants grow in which season.

Tip: If you want a Japanese garden, consider growing peonies, Japanese maples, Sedum, or Bracken.

Buy The Right Gardening Tools

Using the right gardening tools can’t be missed from ‘gardening tips for beginners’ list. As a novice, you need to get your hands on the basic gardening tools to start a garden. Gather basic garden tools such as weed trimmer, hand trowel, spade, shovel, pruning shears, garden scissors, water hose, gloves, and soil knife. Also, invest in a pruning saw, wheelbarrow, leaf blower, lawnmower, and digging fork for better gardening.

Do Companion Planting

Simple Gardening Tips For Beginners
6 Easy & Simple Gardening Tips For Beginners

Companion planting helps you utilize the available space well and also deter pests. It also lets you grow a wide range of crops together. Think of growing radishes with cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, or spinach. Tomatoes grow well with onions, carrots, and cabbage. If you are growing potatoes, decide to grow beans, peas, corn, or squash alongside them. Further, you can grow beetroot with cabbage, lettuce, carrots, onion, Brussels sprouts, or Swiss chard.

Start With Easy Crops

Whether you are starting flower gardening or looking forward to a vegetable garden, always start easy. Once you have acquired sufficient gardening skills, you can opt for difficult plants/veggies. For flower gardens, think of planting lilies, marigold, sunflowers, and daffodils. If you are starting a veggie garden, begin by growing potatoes, tomatoes, mint, basil, spinach, and onions. We recommend not starting with Cauliflower, asparagus, artichokes, and lettuce.

Make use of these gardening tips for beginners and start a garden without any worries. We recommend joining a community garden to learn the art of gardening.

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