Gardening Tools Every Beginner Should Own -

Gardening Tools Every Beginner Should Own

5 Gardening Tools Every Beginner Should Own

Gardening can sound intimidating for most people. The reason is that the realm of gardening tools requires so much attention. Otherwise, your plants may start to wither before the sowing season. Another thing would be that planting can be quite costly. Think about all the nutrients and plant medicine you need to purchase.

On top of that, you will also need a ton of gardening tools to take care of your plants properly. As a beginner, however, it is quite comforting to know that you don’t need all these items at first.

There are only several gardening tools a first-time plant cultivator needs, and in this post, we are going to discuss what they are.

1.  Hand Gloves 

5 Gardening Tools Every Beginner Should Own

5 Gardening Tools Every Beginner Should Own

In the realm of gardening, you need to be real careful of the tools you use. One wrong move and you could end up damaging your plants instead of caring for them. On the other hand, you may turn out to be an excellent plant carer, but a horrible at taking care of yourself.

Gardening might be a fun and enjoyable hobby, but without a pair of gloves, your experience could be a painful one, considering all the thorns and splinters surrounding your garden.

2. Pruning Shears

5 Gardening Tools Every Beginner Should Own

5 Gardening Tools Every Beginner Should Own

You might be surprised that due to your mad gardening skills, your plants would even start dominating your garden. In this case, you need to bring out the shears and trim and your plants.

Overgrowing your plants can get in the way of other plants growing correctly. With that, it is standard procedure to trim down your plants regularly.

For the first time around, you might only find yourself cutting down some of the leaves, but as you grow to be an excellent gardener, you will experience taking care of a lot more complicated plants, which will require you to prune their branches.

3. Garden Fork 

5 Gardening Tools Every Beginner Should Own

5 Gardening Tools Every Beginner Should Own

From where you will later on learn, there is more to gardening than merely watering plants. Taking care of your garden means making sure that the soil your plants thrive on is healthy and well-turned.

There will be lots of people telling you to use a shovel for turning your soil. As a beginner, however, we suggest using a garden fork instead.

In the case that you have dense soil, garden forks will be much more effective and will only require of little to no effort in doing so.

4. Rake 

5 Gardening Tools Every Beginner Should OwnDuring ancient times, people had to pick off all the debris and fallen leaves manually. It didn’t work out quite well, however, because a lot of gardeners found themselves wounded.

Another problem would be that some fallen objects weren’t easy to reach. In line with that, it wasn’t long before the geniuses of the ancient times came up with a new gardening tool: the rake.

Having a rake will allow you to finish the job a lot easier and quicker. It lets you pick up several leaves at one time. It also enables you to reach on to narrow areas.

5. A Water Hose With An Adjustable Nozzle 

5 Gardening Tools Every Beginner Should Own

Let’s not forget about water. This is practically the foundation of your whole career as a gardener. You can buy all sorts of gardening tools, nutrients, and plant food, but not a single one of those would matter if you don’t water your plants.

You can opt for any water hose, but we strongly suggest you buy one with an adjustable nozzle. Being able to control the water pressure will surely come in handy one day as you delve deeper into becoming a top-class gardener.

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