Kids Garden: 5 Best Plants For Kiddos Garden

5 Best Plants For Your Kids Garden

A kids garden is not the same as a playground where children can run around and play. Childhood, however, is a point of exploration and learning.

So, it wasn’t long before people coined the term ‘kids garden.’ Not many children are attentive when it comes to learning new things.

However, we do know how kids like playing dirt. So people thought: what if we could build a kids garden? Children could play with mud all-day long. At the same time, they will also be introduced to the world of gardening.

It wasn’t easy though. Turning a garden into a child-friendly spot wasn’t some walk in the park. People to get rid of thorns, bugs, and even other kinds of plants that could potentially harm or injure a child.

The Benefits Of Having A Kids Garden

5 Best Plants For Your Kids Garden

5 Best Plants For Your Kids Garden

There’s a lot of about a kids garden that might spark your interest. If you are already a parent, you will find that it can be hard to take kids from their tablet or laptop. Building a kid garden is one good way to get your child to appreciate nature.

One more thing is that it encourages children to consume healthy meals. Once a child learns to plant vegetables, he will be more eager to eat that particular kind of food.

Along the way, encouraging children to learn gardening teaches them a ton of life lessons as well. For instance, kids will learn how to be patient. They will learn what a living organism needs for them to grow.

One of the most important lessons a kids garden can offer your child would probably be the building of camaraderie. The moment a child develops an interest in gardening, it will be a lot easier for him to find new friends with similar hobbies. It won’t be long before the kid builds a full circle of friends.

5 Kinds Of Plants You Can Grow In Your Kids Garden 

5 Best Plants For Your Kids

5 Best Plants For Your Kids

While the thought of having a kids garden is enticing, you need to be selective in the kind of plants you expose children to.

Unlike animals, plants don’t have claws or sharp teeth. So, it’s improbable for them to cause children any harm. However, they can also have thorns or poisonous substances that are best kept away from children.

But here are five plants that won’t just make your kids garden glow. Aside from being child-friendly, kids will also have a ton of fun watching these plants grow.

1. Radishes 

5 Best Plants For Your Kids Garden

5 Best Plants For Your Kids Garden

The kids garden isn’t there so children can have a little playground. Indeed, the whole point of creating a separate for kids is to make it fun and safe for the little ones. Still, the main agenda is to teach them a thing or two about gardening.

Kids aren’t a big fan of radishes, but that’s precisely what makes it an excellent pick for a kids garden. Hopefully, having seen these things grow, they will be a lot more eager to eat radish moving forward.

2. Sunflower 

Sunflower garden

Sunflower garden

We can already tell that this will be your child’s favorite plant. Kids have a long history of love for sunflowers as they track the sun.

They are easy to grow and maintain and thus making it an excellent choice for beginner gardeners. What’s more is that they mature quicker than other flowers.

3. Pumpkins

Pumpkins garden

Pumpkins garden

Not all children are huge supporters of that green stuff being added their vegetables. Still, we’re pretty sure they would all love to experience planting their favorite Halloween item.

It would be a ton of fun for children to watch as the pumpkin sprouts from a seed into a full-grown plant. It only takes seven days for a pumpkin to sprout though you’ll have to wait a few more days to see the plant in its full form.

4. Cherry Tomatoes 

cherry tomato garden

There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching a plant go from one color to another. This is most likely the reason for the kid popularity for cherry tomatoes.

Apart from that, it’s also fun to pull the plant out of the soil once the cherry tomatoes are fully ripe. This is also an excellent opportunity to teach your children how to grow plants straight from a garden pot.

5. Herbs 

Herbs for your home garden

We saved the best for last. Herbs may not be as beautiful as other types of plants, but it is undoubtedly something that even toddlers can plant on their garden pot with pride.

At the same time, you will also expose your children to different smell and flavors. Apart from developing a love for gardening, you shouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly brought you food they cooked for themselves, first thing in the morning.

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