English Garden: 5 Backyard Design Ideas

English garden

The English Garden was introduced back in the 1400s, not because of its visual appeal, but because of its practicality. English gardens were a combination of flowers and vegetables then.

So as you can imagine, every plot of land mattered. No space was left uninhabited because it served to feed the low-income families of England.

Every inch of earth was filled with herbs, flowers, vegetables, root crops, and so on. Up to this day when there is already an abundance of fruits and vegetables, we still admire the beauty of English gardens.

We strongly recommend every household to have an English garden of their own. With that in mind, here are five backyard design ideas to help you craft the perfect English garden.

1. Breach Boundaries

English garden

People usually implement strict rules against boundaries. Thou shall not walk beyond this line. For the case of English gardens, however, people with green thumbs prefer to break that rule.

There’s a famous English garden design that lets you grow your plants out of the flower beds. It sounds untidy, but it will undoubtedly look gorgeous in an English garden. This design is perfect if you have fragrant flowers to flaunt to your visitors.

2. Wooden Bench Decorations

English Garden

In the eyes of each gardener, there is no other garden more beautiful than the one he planted. Still, you don’t want to spend so much time taking care of your plants if you’re the only one who can appreciate it.

You want people to admire its beauty just as you do. For that to happen, people need to spend more time with your flowers.

Installing some wooden and hanging benches alongside your English garden not only adds aesthetic appeal to your masterpiece. It also encourages people to hang around for a while and admire the beautiful flowers.

3. The Punctuation Mark Perspective 

English Garden

If you live in a neighborhood where there are no other gardens, you are bound to stand out from the ground even without gardening technicalities.

However, if that’s not the case, you need to create some visual interest in your flower beds. One of the most effective design methods for English gardens is the punctuation perspective.

The punctuation perspective refers to the plantation of flowers of different shapes and sizes. This creates variety in your English garden and thus making it more interesting.

4. Lure In Bees To Your English Garden

It’s wise to take things into your own hands regarding growing an English garden. Still, we can’t deny the significance of nature’s course in bringing out the beauty of flowers.

In line with this, you also need to focus on methods that will lure pollinators to your garden. This is a much more convenient way to make the flowers reproduce. Flowers are beautiful as it is, but imagine what a sight it must be if your English garden was a lot fuller.

5. Let Out Your Creativity 

Learning the technicalities of gardening is one of the initial steps of growing a gorgeous English garden. Still, don’t be afraid to break the rules if you have to.

After all, an English garden is an art. Sometimes, you need to lay out some informal design to indeed bring out the beauty of your creations.

Allow irregularly shaped flower beds and paths define your garden’s perimeter. Feel free to incorporate a twisty walkway instead of a straight one. Zigzag pathways encourage people to slow down and admire the flowers instead of having to rush to where they are going.

Have you decided on an English garden design already? We would love to see the kind of beauty you wounded up with. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to post a photo of your English garden in the comment section. Who knows? Maybe next time we can write an article about the best English gardens from our readers.

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