5 Amazing Upcycle Vertical Gardening Ideas

vertical gardening ideas

If you have a large backyard and large garden but you also love flowers and plants, here’s a good idea for Vertical gardening. Vertical gardening uses different resources to enable plants to grow upwards instead of growing on the ground. This article will give you several vertical gardening ideas that would surely be exciting for you.

Gardening with planters can be one of the most effective vertical gardening ideas. Why? You can just imagine how the beautiful flowers and plants would look from all sides of your lovely planter pots. And if you have chosen pots tower garden design, it is very easy for you to enjoy the beauty of your plants in a very relaxing setting.

Vertical Gardening Ideas With Herb Tray

Apart from the beauty of these pots, they are also a great way to add some practicality into your garden as well. You can have a vertical gardening idea by growing herbs and other flowering plants on them. For instance, you can plant mints, basil, orchids, and sweet peas on large pots. All these herbs would easily bloom on the pot as they are really beautiful plants. However, if you don’t have the space to put all these flowers on the pot, you can simply use small pots that would also do the job.

This is another one of the most common and favorite vertical gardening ideas. If you want to have a large scale and elegant garden design with lots of beautiful flowers, ferns and herbs, then you can simply use a fan trellis to make your planters much higher. A fan trellis is a wonderful garden design item that lets you have a beautiful and elegant planter without any hassle. However, if you are having limited space in your home or garden, you can use tall pots and long trellises to make a nice vertical gardening design. It is important that you choose the best and ideal pot for your garden design.

Wall Mount Planters

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Wall mounting planters are another great vertical gardening ideas. If you want to have taller planters and more flowers in your garden, you can simply add them to the wall using wall mounts. There are many types of wall mount planters available in the market today which come in different materials and shapes. These wall mounts are perfect for large gardens and homes as well. If you want a simple and traditional look for your garden design, hanging gardens are your best options.

You can have both hanging and wall-mounted planters to create a beautiful space for your plants. You can also add trays and frames to enhance the vertical gardening ideas. This will allow you to create different designs such as an intimate dining area for your family. Having beautiful and creative garden plans and designs will definitely enhance the vertical gardening ideas.

Upcycled Living Wall

Aside from hanging and wall mounted planters, there are other vertical gardening ideas you can incorporate to give your home the best look. You can use upcycled living walls which can look like antique paintings. These living walls are made from high quality recycled materials. Aside from giving a classy and beautiful look for your living walls, it is also good for the environment. By simply making use of upcycled living wall pictures as your garden design, it will help the environment by reducing unnecessary plastic bag waste and promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Vertical garden ideas are not just limited to pots and planters. Other things you can add are hanging baskets, hooks, trellis, and planters that are all made from recycled materials. Recycled material means those which were originally made from materials that are not used anymore. For example, many house windows and doors can be used to make these hanging containers. By using glass, you can create your very own modern window frame or door holder. You can also use mason jars and hanging pots to create a herb garden like the famous gardening hangers from France.

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